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Aqua+ magnesium drink - 500ml

Aqua + Magnesium Drink from PowerBar is a flavored mineral water with an incredible nutritional contribution created especially for athletes and sportsmen as a nutritious and refreshing companion to their routines. This great product helps keep the body hydrated and promotes muscle performance thanks to its magnesium-rich formula that fights fatigue and helps replenish nutrients.

      Aqua + Magnesium Drink from PowerBar, a delicious and refreshing alternative for athletes and sportsmen who seek to promote their performance and replenish minerals lost through sweat at the time of training.

      Aqua + Magnesium Drink is a novel nutritional supplement ideal to accompany the intense physical training routines of high-performance athletes, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts thanks to its highly refreshing and provides an unbeatable load of nutrients and minerals specialized in promoting the optimal physical development of those who use it. This extraordinary sports ally has the unmistakable 100% guaranteed quality seal of PowerBar products, which is why it is widely recommended to accompany your workouts. The incredible formula of this great product is composed of mineral water with a delicious lemon flavor, ideal to refresh yourself when training, in addition, it offers a fantastic dose of magnesium, an essential mineral for the body that helps keep your body hydrated, while helping to replenish minerals lost when sweating. The advanced formulation of Aqua + Magnesium Drink from PowerBar promotes proper muscle development, because it provides nutrients that increase the performance of your muscles and combat exhaustion and muscle fatigue while preventing cramps in your muscles caused by the intensity of the routines performed.

      PowerBar Aqua + Magnesium Drink Essentials

      • It is a product made from mineral water flavored with a fantastic dose of magnesium of the best quality.
      • Ideal to accompany the physical training routines of athletes and sportsmen.
      • Helps refresh your body and maintain proper body hydration when training.
      • It favors the replacement of minerals and electrolytes lost through sweat.
      • Contributes to achieving adequate muscle development.
      • It is ideal for fighting muscle wasting and fatigue during and after workouts.

      What does Aqua + Magnesium Drink provide ?

      This fantastic product offers a practical and comfortable drinkable presentation, ready to use at any place and time of the day.

      Content per recommended daily dose (500 ml).

      • It has 25 kcal of energy value.
      • It has 0 grams of fat.
      • Contains 0 g of carbohydrates.
      • Contains 0 g of sugars.
      • Contains 0 grams of protein.
      • It has 0.04 g of salt.
      • It has 112.5 mg of magnesium.

      What is achieved with Aqua + Magnesium Drink from PowerBar ?

      Aqua + Magnesium Drink is a novel alternative for sports use created by PowerBar with the purpose of promoting the muscle development process and keeping your body hydrated while enjoying a delicious lemon-flavored mineral water that allows you to cool off during workouts. This great product boosts the hydration of the body, helps to replace minerals lost when training and promotes muscle development, providing nutrients and helping to combat wear and tear and fatigue.

      Aqua + Magnesium Drink is a product specially designed for athletes and sportsmen who seek to refresh themselves during workouts at the same time that they need to contribute to optimizing their physical performance through the consumption of nutrients and minerals.

      Recommended use of Aqua + Magnesium Drink.

      • Consume a 500 ml bottle of PowerBar Aqua + Magnesium Drink.
      • Ingest while performing your training routines.
      • Take only once a day.
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