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PowerBar is a brand with more than 25 years of experience in the nutritional supplements industry for athletes, developed by athletes.

This company aims to offer the best sports nutrition possible with a complete quality assurance and safety system. The products are formulated based on the latest scientific findings and are adjusted to the doses tested in specialized laboratories.

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Natural energy cereal bar - 40g
Natural energy cereal bar - 40gCarb Snacks
PowerBar's Natural Energy Cereal Bar is an energy bar enriched with magnesium and made using...
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14% dtoRecovery max - 1144g
Recovery Max - 1144 gRecovery
Recovery Max from PowerBar is a dietary supplement that helps us to maintain our muscle mass....
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52% protein plus bar - 50g
52% protein plus bar - 50gProtein Bars
The 52% Protein Plus Bar from PowerBar is a delicious and crunchy bar that will offer you a high...
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Ride energy bar - 55g
Ride energy bar - 55gCarb Snacks
The Ride Energy Bar from PowerBar is a delicious snack that provides you with energy and protein...
NewProtein plus fibre - 35g
Protein plus fibre - 35gOther Bars
Protein Plus Fiber Bar from PowerBar is a rich bar with high fiber and protein content. Made...
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30% protein plus bar - 55g
30% Protein Plus Bar - 55 gProtein Bars
30% Protein Plus Bar from PowerBar is a protein bar contains 30% of top-quality proteins that...
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33% protein plus bar - 90g
33% protein plus bar - 90gProtein Bars
Bar 33% Protein Plus from PowerBar are exquisite protein bars, specially made to help you...
Caffeine boost 200mg - 20 x 25 ml
Caffeine boost 200mg - 20 x 25 mlGels and Bars
Caffeine Boost by PowerBar is an extraordinary nutritional supplement for sports use in a new...
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NewClean whey 100% isolate - 570g
Clean whey 100% isolate - 570gWhey Isolate
Clean Whey 100% Isolate from PowerBar is a food preparation based on whey protein isolate of...
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Clean whey bar - 45g
Clean Whey Bar - 45 gProtein Bars
Clean Whey Bar from PowerBar is a high protein food supplement ideal for physically active...
Deluxe protein - 500g
Deluxe Protein - 500 gRecovery
Deluxe Protein from PowerBar is a sports protein supplement designed for people who want to...
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NewEnergize advanced bar - 55g
Energize advanced bar - 55gOther Bars
PowerBar Energize Advanced Bar is a delicious natural bar made from dual-source carbohydrates,...
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10% dtoIsomax - 1200g
Isomax - 1200 gHydration
Isomax from PowerBar is a supplement designed to prepare a high-level isotonic drink, which...
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NewProtein nut2 - 45g
Protein nut2 - 45gProtein Bars
Protein Nut2 Bar from PowerBar is a delicious bar with high protein content and low in sugars....
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Recovery active - 1210g
Recovery Active - 1210 gRecovery
Recovery Active from PowerBar is a food supplement for sports use, with high-quality...
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NewRecovery max - 20 sachets
Recovery max - 20 sachetscarbohydrate complex
Recovery Max from PowerBar is a powdered food preparation based on proteins, carbohydrates,...
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The brand offers a complete supply of dietary and nutritional supplements made with carefully selected raw materials, based on strict quality criteria and flavor technology. Each of the supplements from the different lines, series and batches are tested in accredited laboratories in search of formulas with optimal purity and efficiency and high standards for flavors and textures.

PowerBar has several product lines for energy, growth, performance and health of the sportsperson.

Energy & Hydratation contains energy gels such as Powergel® Original, Powertgel®Hydro, Powergel® Fruit, Powergel® Shots and Performance Smoothie, energy bars such as Energyze in wafer, muffin, cereal versions and Ride energy, isotonic drinks and electrolyte drinks, in formulas adapted to meet the requirements of each individual athlete, with its products Isoactive, Isomax, Isolite drink, L-carnitine drink, Aqua+Magnesium and 5 electrolytes, among others.

Recovery offers a wide range of protein bars, such as Natural Protein, Protein Plus, Protein Carnitine, Protein Minerals and blended formulas with delicious flavors and textures.

A wide variety of protein powders offer high performance formulas (All in One, Muscle Up, Recovery, Protein Plus) along with innovative protein drinks, Protein Plus Sports Fruicy and Protein Plus Sports Milk.

Dietary Suplements includes amino acid, creatine, mineral and nutrient formulas for superior performance, in multiple varieties that meet the needs of athletes of all levels.

PowerBar ensures the quality of its products based on a complete quality system. Each batch of product leaving its plants is subjected to exhaustive microbiological and sensorial tests, to guarantee great taste, purity and safety within the current legal framework, 100% doping free.

All PowerBar line products are on the Cologne List® to provide consumers with peace of mind and safety in the use of nutritional supplements for sports practice. This list publishes products that have been screened for prohibited substances in a world-renowned specialized laboratory.