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M.A.P. from Power Labs is a sports supplement formulated to provide a higher and better concentration of essential amino acids to enhance protein synthesis, and therefore considerably improve the performance of muscles, their growth and recovery process more effectively than the protein intake.

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    M.A.P. from Power Labs is a supplement that enhances your muscle performance and protein synthesis with highly efficient essential amino acids.

    Essential amino acids are all those the body cannot synthesize on its own. In other words, it cannot produce them naturally, and although they are essential for various organic and mainly metabolic functions these must be commonly supplied from protein rich foods. Even so, it is not easy to get an effective and sufficient dose of essential amino acids that allow us to notice their short-term effects constantly and, of course, efficiently.

    M.A.P. from Power Labs is a food supplement that has managed to provide an excellent amount of essential amino acids in its formula in free form, highly purified and in crystalline form, which makes it take advantage of all its properties and benefits, being even more effective than the contribution that is obtained exclusively from proteins.

    This is because M.A.P. from Power Labs is made from patented Muscler Amino Professional technology, which has proven to be excellent in promoting protein synthesis, thanks to a powerful anabolic effect perfect for muscles.

    Main characteristics of M.A.P. from Power Labs:

    • Provides high content of top-quality essential amino acids.
    • Made from proprietary Muscler Amino Professional technology.
    • Provides an extraordinary anabolic effect.
    • Strengthens and improves muscle recovery.
    • Supports healthy growth of muscles.
    • Increases strength during training.
    • Improves protein synthesis in the body.
    • More effective than common dietary proteins.
    • Digestion is considerably faster than common proteins.
    • Absorbed by the body in much less time.
    • Very low in calories.
    • Contributes to 99% of nitrogen.
    • Contains no sodium.
    • Fat-free food supplement.
    • No sugars or carbohydrates.
    • Improves the muscle performance during workouts.
    • Increases the workout efficiency.
    • Made from crystalline amino acids in free form.

    Ingredients and format of M.A.P. from Power Labs:

    For an easier administration of the dose and its fast use in the body, M.A.P. from Power Labs has been formulated in a powder format, in order to make its consumption more practical and effective.

    M.A.P. from Power Labs contains essential amino acids (BCAAs) such as leucine, l-isoleucine and l-valine. But it also contains l-lysine, l-threonine, l-phenialanine, l-histidine, l-tryptophan and l-methionine.

    Content per dose (15 g)

    • 15 g of protein.
    • 60 Kcal of energy.
    • Contains no fat.

    What is M.A.P. from Power Labs taken for?

    M.A.P. from Power Labs allows you to take advantage of the benefits of efficient consumption of amino acids in a more effective way than with dietary protein. Therefore, you obtain greater and better results, in addition to making better use of it in your body, helping you achieve your training goals.

    M.A.P. from Power Labs is formulated to be used mainly by professional athletes seeking more effective nutrition of their muscles with essential amino acids.

    Recommended daily dose of M.A.P. from Power Labs:

    • As a food supplement, dissolve 15 g of this product with water, juice or skim milk.
    • Take during your workouts or with a meal.
    • Take daily.
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