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Intra from Power Labs is a food supplement rich in protein and carbohydrates that contributes to improve performance and recovery before, during and after training; while increasing energy, strength and endurance. Intra from Power Labs provides nutrients for the muscles when required, thus delaying fatigue as much as possible.

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    Optimize your sports results with Intra from Power Labs.

    Intra from Power Labs is a food supplement essentially formulated to improve and optimize performance in training and competition, combining in a balanced way each one of its components for better results, thus providing the necessary and sufficient energy when carrying out sports activities, training sessions or making efforts for a prolonged time while mitigating fatigue. Intra from Power Labs is ideal for recovering and repairing muscle tissues, safeguarding the health of the gastrointestinal tract. It is gluten-free and lactose-free, therefore, it is perfect for athletes wanting a burst of speed and endurance during training.

    What are the characteristics of Intra from Power Labs?

    • Repairs and recovers the muscle tissue.
    • Increases energy, strength and endurance.
    • Decreases fatigue.
    • Prevents cramps.
    • Facilitates the digestive process.
    • Protects the health of the gastrointestinal tract.
    • Gluten-free.
    • Lactose-free.
    • Quick assimilation.
    • Increases muscle mass.
    • Protects muscle mass.
    • Improves training capacity.
    • Increases muscle power.
    • Improves results before, during and after training.

    What is in each shot of Intra from Power Labs?

    Intra from Power Labs provides the body with an energy boost that will take workouts to another level, which makes it for perfect for consumption during training. You can consume it with complete confidence and safety, since it does not contain artificial components of any kind. Intra from Power Labs provides the body with 84 essential minerals and trace elements from Himalayan salt; as a result, it promotes mineralization during training, and thus avoiding cramps. It also regulates the fluid balance.

    Glycogen is a starch-like substance present in animal tissues which may be converted into dextrose (sugar which is obtained from starch, form of glucose). The principal storage carbohydrate of animals, occurring primarily in the liver and resting muscles.

    It is also found in various bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. Glycogen is a branched polysaccharide, a long chain of glucose units, into which it is broken down when energy is needed.

    Intra from Power Labs is a hodgepodge based on highly branched cyclodextrins HBCD (Cluster Dextrin), of rapid assimilation and replacement of glycogen, in addition to its prolongation in time superior to other carbohydrates. Moreover, due to its low osmorality, it produces a rapid gastric emptying and a superior absorption compared to any other carbohydrate. These features make Intra from Power Labs the nutritional supplement for sports lovers.

    What is Intra from Power Labs taken for?

    Intra from Power Labs is a great product to provide your body with strength, energy and vigor in a wholesome and healthy way, contributing to the strengthening, recovery and protection of tissues and muscle mass, significantly improving physical performance.

    Intra from Power Labs is the ideal food supplement for demanding sportspeople, for those athletes who need to explosive vigor, endurance and speed, concerned with safeguarding and protecting their muscles during training, and promotion of muscle recovery.

    Recommended daily dose of Intra from Power Labs:

    • Take 1 time a day.
    • preferably during training.
    • Take the dose daily.
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