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Creatine - 500g

Creatine by Power Labs is a food supplement formulated with 100% creatine monohydrate. Creatine is the most studied and most effective ergogenic support to increase sports performance, both in athletes and in amateur athletes. The main functions of creatine are: increase the energy available within the muscle cell, delay fatigue, reduce cell damage, improve recovery, increase the diameter of muscle fibers and of course, improve performance and strength.

    Creatine by Power Labs: it will help you to improve your sports performance, without being harmful for your health. You can achieve an increase in muscle strength and body weight.

    It is made with Creapure®, which is a patented micronised creatine monohydrate, and the product of numerous scientific studies. It meets the highest standards in terms of quality, purity and safety.

    The result is a product with pharmaceutical grade, constant high purity and fully traceable. Creatine is an amino acid derivative, produced naturally in your body from three amino acids: glycine, arginine, methionine.

    Essential characteristics of 100g of Creatine by Power Labs

    • It provides 99.50g of creatine.
    • It promotes muscle development.
    • It improves training capacity.
    • It increases muscle power.
    • It decreases recovery times between sets.
    • It facilitates post-workout recovery.
    • It accelerates the recovery of muscle energy reserves.


    Components of Creatine by Power Labs

    Among its ingredients, it has the following:

    • Creapure®


    What is achieved with Creatine by Power Labs?

    It is a food supplement that many athletes consume, especially athletes of bodybuilding, muscles or sports where a muscle explosion is needed, such as in sprinting.

    This Creatine by Power Labs will help you to gain lean mass, increases the diameter of the muscle fiber and improves physical performance, as well as helps in the prevention of sports injuries.

    • It provides energy for muscle fibers, preventing muscle fatigue and promoting muscle training
    • It facilitates muscle recovery
    • It increases muscle volume, since it promotes the accumulation of fluid within cells
    • It promotes fat-free muscle mass builing

    At high intensities, supplementing with Creatine by Power Labs will help you to improve your efforts, something that will consequently increase performance and muscle mass. Likewise, it increases fluid retention at the cellular level, also increasing the perception of lean masst the same time improving muscle permeability and the absorption of amino acids from the bloodstream into muscle cells.

    Creatine by Power Labs can also improve the results of certain exercises, as well as the quality of life in sedentary people. It will help you to have more strength since it makes it possible to perform greater stimuli for the muscle, which will keep them to be healthier and to increase the tissue.

    The brain is also influenced in a positive way. This organ stores phosphocreatine and uses ATP to optimally function. So, this food supplement will improve your cognitive memory and reduce mental fatigue.


     Recommended daily dose of Creatine by Power Labs

    • You should consume 30g of this food supplement with 250ml of fresh water.
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