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Dememory Studio - 5 ml x 20 vials

DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC is an amazing food supplement made from an advanced formula of all-natural ingredients perfect for people who go through a lot of intellectual effort on memory and concentration, allowing you to reinforce and improve your mental activity and learning ability, contributing to the proper functioning of the brain.

      DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC keeps the concentration for a longer time and enhances memorization just when there is a greater physical and mental effort.

      The advanced formula of DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC is really unique. It contains phosphatidylserine as its main ingredient that is part of the phospholipids, very important for the maintenance of cell membranes and their entire process.

      DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC is also part of the internal membranes, as a warehouse for other phosphides olipids, and helps increase memory and concentration.

      DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC is produced by the body on its own, but increases its levels at times of increased mental activity.

      DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC is the ideal food supplement since it provides the necessary quantity of phosphatidylserine combined with other ingredients such as minerals and vitamins that make your intellectual capacity increase considerably.

      At certain moments in life, we all go through situations in which mental and intellectual activity is stronger and more intense than normal, such as in times of excessive study or high-intensity and demanding workouts.

      And it is just at these times when we really need extra help to improve the ability to memorize and maintain an optimal level of concentration.

      DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC is the perfect nutritional contribution that reinforces your mental activity just when you need it most. It increases the brain's physiological processes, especially increasing the memory levels and exceptionally benefiting your concentration.

      DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC is the best option for all students, especially in difficult exam times, as it helps you to memorization and concentration efficiently.

      DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC is also perfect for people who have a mentally demanding job, since it meets your intellectual needs and contributes to the proper normal cognitive functioning, making DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC the ideal food supplement.

      Main characteristics of DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC:

      • Strengthens your mental activity.
      • Increases your learning capacity.
      • Improves memory and concentration.
      • Increases the physiological processes of the brain.
      • Ideal for students and people with high mental activity.
      • Has an advanced formula with 100% natural ingredients.
      • Contributes to the proper functioning of normal cognitive function.

      Content per dose:

      • 164 mg of phosphatidylcholine.
      • 2 mg of phosphatidylserine.
      • 50 mg of royal jelly.
      • 100 mg of taurine.
      • Contains soy lecithin, vitamins (A, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9 and B12).
      • Contains different minerals: calcium, phosphorous, zinc and manganese.

      If you want to achieve a greater intellectual performance and also the results you expect so much in your studies, work, or mental activity in general, DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC -with its advanced formula- is the best option that helps you stay active and healthy.

      Recommended direction: as a food supplement, it is strongly recommended to take 1 vial a day, preferably during or after breakfast.

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