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Dememory senior - 30 capsules

DeMEMORY Senior from Pharma OTC is a food supplement specially created to improve memory and strengthen cognitive capacity. It contains phospholipids, zinc, vitamin B5, and a large amount of vitamins and minerals, which fight mental fatigue, improve the ability to remember and support intellectual performance.

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    DeMEMORY Senior from Pharma OTC is a powerful ally against mental fatigue. See what it can do for your memory, your cognitive ability and your intellectual performance!

    DeMEMORY Senior from Pharma OTC is a food supplement that concentrates nutrients that are very beneficial for your cognitive ability. Experience an incomparable improvement in your memory, greater mental energy and a greater power of concentration. It is very useful to support older adults by helping them to preserve their intellectual capacity in a long and healthy way.

    What is DeMEMORY Senior from Pharma OTC ?

    • It is a food supplement that improves memory and concentration.
    • Contains phospholipids, zinc, vitamin B5, along with various vitamins and minerals.
    • It has been specially created to strengthen the mental capacity of older adults.

    Ingredients and format of DeMEMORY Senior from Pharma OTC

    Each dose of 1 capsule has the following specifications:

    • It contains 300 mg of fish oil that contributes 250 mg of DHA and 50 mg of EPA.
    • It has 77.6 mg of phosphatidylcholine.
    • Provides 10 mg of phosphatidylserine.
    • It also has vitamin B5 and zinc.

    Benefits of DeMEMORY Senior from Pharma OTC

    DeMEMORY Senior from Pharma OTC is a food supplement whose ingredients have been specifically selected to promote memory and cognition in older adults. It contains DHA and EPA that make up a large part of the nervous system and the brain. It also contains phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine that strengthen the interconnection between neurons. In addition to this you will get a reinforcement of vitamin B5 and zinc that revitalize the body against physical and mental fatigue. In this way, it offers support so that older people have an excellent quality of life on an intellectual level.

    Good cognitive ability is possible for people in the elderly. They just have to take DeMEMORY Senior from Pharma OTC. It is possible to prevent the wear and tear of neuronal functions, if the ideal nutrients that promote the production of neurons and neurotransmitters that are essential for the cognitive process are incorporated into the body. This is why phospholipids such as phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine have been included in this supplement, which prevent the aging of cells and favor the regeneration of damage to the nervous system. Therefore, memory, attention level and learning improve.

    In the same way, DeMEMORY Senior from Pharma OTC contains DHA and EPA, which are part of Omega 3s of great importance for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Several studies have shown that having optimal levels of these nutrients reduces the possibility of neuronal diseases. In addition to vitamin B5 and zinc, this supplement provides incredible support and reinforcement for the elderly.

    Recommended Daily Dose of DeMEMORY Senior from Pharma OTC

    • Consume 1 capsule per day.
    • Eat in the morning, before having breakfast.
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