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Pharma OTC is a leading company in the research, development and manufacture of products aimed at improving health and promoting beauty in a natural way. This company, whose main headquarters are in Madrid, supplies numerous pharmacies through laboratories and specialized virtual stores.

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BACK-GYMRevital c + propolis - 10ml x 20 vials
Revital C + Propolis - 10 ml x 20 vialsVitality and Energy
Revital C + Propolis from Pharma OTC is part of REVITAL product range that contains royal...
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BACK-GYMDememory junior - 20 vials
DeMemory Junior - 20 vialsConcentration-Memory
DeMemory Junior from Pharma OTC is the food supplement specially formulated for children and...
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BACK-GYMDememory 50 senior - 5g x 14 sachets
Dememory 50 senior - 5g x 14 sachetsConcentration-Memory
DeMemory 50 Senior by Pharma OTC, is a food supplement that contributes to intellectual...
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BACK-GYMDe memory studio - 5ml x 20 vials
Dememory Studio - 5 ml x 20 vialsConcentration-Memory
DeMemory Studio from Pharma OTC is an amazing food supplement made from an advanced formula of...
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BACK-GYMDevision retinox - 30 capsules
DeVision Retinox - 30 capsulesTake Care of Your Eyes
DeVision Retinox from Pharma OTC is a food supplement that contributes to maintaining eyesight...
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BACK-GYMEnergisil maca - 30 capsules
Energisil Maca - 30 capsulesRevitalizings
Energisil Maca from Pharma OTC is an excellent high-quality product made from natural...
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BACK-GYMEnergisil rapid - 30 capsules
Energisil rapid - 30 capsulesEnergizers
Energisil Rapid by Pharma OTC is a new high quality supplement made with natural ingredients. It...
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BACK-GYMEnergisil plus (ginseng + arginine) - 30 capsules
Energisil vigor plus (ginseng + arginine) - 30 capsulesEnergizers
Energisil Vigor Plus (ginseng + arginine) by Pharma OTC is a food supplement for men, made of...
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BACK-GYMEnergisil vigor plus - 60 capsules
Energisil vigor plus - 60 capsulesEnergizers
Energisil Vigor Plus from Pharma OTC is a food supplement made with a formula based on ginseng...
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BACK-GYMsonovit 30 caps
Sonovit - 30 capsulesGeneral improvement
Sonovit from Pharma OTC is a nutritional supplement that contributes to the poor blood...
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Research and development are the indisputable bases of Pharma OTC SL It has been created by professionals who know perfectly the needs of the pharmaceutical industry today. This is what has led them to offer innovative products that offer galenic options in pursuit of optimal health.

Their work is also the result of the contribution of the best pharmaceutical laboratories that maintain the greatest leadership and prestige in the market. From these, these products are distributed that offer natural means to prevent diseases and facilitate an optimal quality of life.

This is due to the wide spectrum covered by the research carried out by Pharma OTC and which supports the development of its products. Fields covered include human memory, sexual libido, anxiety, and factors that promote good eye health.

All of these consider the prevention of any alteration that could harm a good quality of life, removing the possibility of suffering anomalies that affect them. These are fundamental aspects that lead to discomforts and problems that are the main concern of people with a very active lifestyle.

The results of Pharma OTC 's inquiries are published on its official site with the corresponding support from other medically respected publications, which are also available online. This is the foundation from which it has created brands that are already common among pharmaceuticals.

Everything it offers has a strict galenic basis. That is, it is made with natural ingredients, whose benefits and properties have been corroborated. In this way, it offers that type of supplementation and therapy that is considered by current medicine as the first healthy option to treat physical discomfort.

Pharma OTC has a specialized staff that works from the advanced foundations of medicine and natural therapies, who have managed to find what is necessary to promote a better quality of life. From each of their production departments they also make sure to control the quality and that each product has the necessary level of effectiveness, before launching it on the market.

It also has a staff that offers dynamic customer service, through which they provide complete information, and an agile connection with its distribution system. In the same way, they have an advertising presence that covers everything from traditional media to the main digital media, as required by current business.

Pharma OTC is a leading producer of supplements that cover a large part of the needs of the parapharmaceutical market. They contribute with innovative solutions that favor the necessary prevention to access optimal health and aesthetics. They provide healthy alternatives for the control and treatment of numerous discomforts that are unavoidable in daily life.