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PH9 Generator is an international company. It has main offices in Asia; but also locations in Europe, Australia and USA. It offers the public a special shaker to obtain alkaline water, which is healthier and better for digestion, since it eliminates both waste and acids. In addition, this water is a powerful antioxidant that combats free radicals. It also sells bottled alkalized water and various gadgets for sports use.

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54% dtopH9 Generator - 700ml
pH9 Generator - 700mlPH9 Generator
Despite its resemblance to a conventional shaker, pH Generator is a device that goes beyond...
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PH9 Generator is a company of great international reach. It has offices in different parts of the world, having its two main locations in Asia. It is hosted in Hong Kong and in the city of Beijing. However, it has other locations, factories and distribution sites. The European subsidiary of PH9 Generator (ph9 generator Europe) is located in Stockholm, Sweden. It also has an important branch in Australian territory (ph9 generator Australia). In addition, it has a North American headquarters in Chicago.

It must be said that this company does not go for the diversification of its offer. On the contrary, it can be said that PH9 Generator has been characterized by launching a single product on the market, which has been improving over time. We refer to alkaline water, which is much healthier than running water.

It has long been proven that alkaline water is better than running water for hydrating the body and for overall health. It is a type of ionized water that acts as a powerful and natural antioxidant. In addition, it has great capacity to eliminate acid waste and improve digestion.

It should be noted that this water is ionized. It has more oxygen and cleans the body of toxins. The big issue is: how to obtain alkalized water? It is at this point where PH9 Generator makes a contribution. It happens that the two most common ways are: 1) with tablets to add it to the water and in this way alkalize it; 2) The other option is to buy machines that turn tap water into alkaline.

The PH9 Generator company has state-of-the-art machinery and technology, which is combined with the ingenuity of its CEOs and laboratory people. Therefore, it has managed to offer a portable shaker, with which it is possible to produce ionized water anywhere and quickly. Inside this container the water passes from PH7 to PH9, that is, it becomes alkaline. Neither it uses pills nor filters. The secret is in the material with which it has been made, which reacts with the water, making it increase its alkalinity level. Therefore, it is extremely comfortable and transportable, as well as value for money and useful.

It happens that PH9 Generator has taken the technology of water filters to the containers, managing to turn them into creators of alkaline water. To achieve this, it has machinery and people dedicated to research, which has managed to synthesize in the plastic and internal covering of its shakers the same active principle of the tablets to turn to the alkaline water. Without a doubt, it is a first-class and high-quality product.

In addition, it happens that PH9 Generator also offers alkaline water already bottled and ready for consumption. It also has a line of shirts and sports accessories.