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The fragrances complement presence, since it is important to emanate a sweet-smelling aroma when appearing in society. It happens that there are specific aromas for men and women. Also, it happens that the fragrances are classified as follows: "Perfumes", "Eau de Perfumes", "Euau de Toilette", "Eau de Cologne" and "Splash perfumes". Each of these categories has a level of aromatic intensity and is used for certain social occasions.

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People look for fragrances to have a special smell. In the end, the presence of a person is not only judged by its looks, but also by the aroma that accompanies it. In addition, many of our fragrances are perfect to be used after training or a refreshing shower, thus eliminating traces of sweat and enjoying the freshness of a balm that delights the sense of smell.

In our catalog we offer lots of fragrances. We have alternatives for both ladies and gentlemen. Likewise, a great diversity of aromas is spread out so that people choose the one of their preference. In addition, we have alternatives that apply to the epidermis in various ways, both by methods of manual friction and spray.

Women are often big fans of fragrances. Since everyone agrees that there is nothing more feminine than a woman who emanates a seductive scent. Among our products for women we can mention: C. Klein In2u, Hugo Boss Femmel, Obsession Edp For Woman by Calvin Klein, Poeme For Woman By Lancome, Burberry Brit Edt (W), C.Klein Eternity Edp and many others.

The fragrances for men includes products such as BurberryTouch, C.Herrera Chic, Givenchy Play Intense For Men, Davidoff Silver Shadow, Emporio Armani, Boucheron Edt Pour Homme, Givenchy Gentleman and other alternatives that are of great quality for men. Unlike the essences for women, the fragrances for gentlemen have more hermetic aromas, destined to emphasize the virility.

It is important to note that fragrances are divided into several categories. One of the most important is the "Perfumes", which are the most concentrated as they have between 15% and 45% of aromatic essence. Then comes the "Eau de Perfumes" whose aroma concentration is over 15%.

Very used by those who do sports are the so-called "Euau de Toilette", since those are made using an ideal formula to be used after shower and whose concentration is around 10%. Fourth term is the so-called colonies, "Eau de Cologne" which also has a concentration of 10%, but accompanied by citrus aromas. Finally there are the "Splash perfumes" with only 1% concentrated aromatic content.

The intention is that people choose the option that best suits their needs. As said before, after training and taking a shower, it is best to use an Euau de Toilette. Instead, to go to a party or social event, it is appropriate to use a Perfume. On the other hand, for day-to-day work and everyday tasks, Eau de Perfumes or Eau de Cologne are usually recommended.