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Whey Selection - 1 kg

Whey Selection from Peak is an extraordinary sports supplement designed to provide generous amounts of not just any protein but whey, acknowledged by those in the field of sport and fitness as the best protein from the viewpoint of bioavailability. Whey Selection from Peak is also enriched with L-leucine and a variety of vitamins that enhance its valuable effects.

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      Whey Selection from Peak, the best sports supplement offering highly bioavailable and efficient whey protein for the professional athlete.

      Whey is considered one of the best sources of protein due to its high content of essential and non-essential amino acids and its excellent bioavailability. Not surprisingly, then, it constitutes the first choice of athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts looking for a supplementary source of protein to support muscle growth.

      Whey Selection from Peak contains almost entirely pure whey protein in concentrated, hydrolyzed form, enhanced and optimized through the addition of components such as 10 different vitamins and the amino acid L-leucine, well known in fitness circles for its protein synthesis-boosting abilities.

      With Whey Selection from Peak you enhance the optimal development of your muscle mass, nourish your muscles with a variety of amino acids that include BCAAs, improve muscle recovery and derive bigger and better benefits from your most intense workouts.


      What are the characteristics of Whey Selection from Peak?

      • Geared specifically for the needs of professional athletes.
      • Great source of high-quality protein.
      • Composed almost entirely of whey protein.
      • Offers a natural supply of amino acids.
      • Contributes to healthy muscle building.
      • Improves sports performance and recovery.
      • Better muscle nourishment.
      • Improved formula containing L-Leucine.
      • Boosts protein synthesis.
      • Enriched with 10 essential vitamins.
      • Approved through rigorous laboratory testing.
      • Offers guaranteed results.
      • Ideal complement for high intensity workouts.
      • Deliciously flavored.
      • Helps maintain muscle mass.
      • Quickly absorbed.
      • Helps maintain healthy bones.


      What is in each shot of Whey Selection from Peak?

      Whey Selection from Peak is presented in powder form to ease the chore of preparing nutritive shakes that provide enough protein to let the users obtain their best results.

      Whey Selection from Peak is formulated with whey protein concentrate and whey protein hydrolyzate. Additionally, it has enzymes such as lactase, 10 vitamins and L-Leucine.

      Content per serving (30 g, values subject to change according to flavor):

      • Total calorie content 106 Kcal.
      • 24 g of protein.
      • 0.50 g of carbohydrates.


      Benefits of Whey Selection from Peak:

      Whey Selection from Peak is a protein supplement whose design is centered on offering protein of the highest quality and with excellent nutritional value, single-mindedly focused on the sole purpose of providing only the best to those seeking to maintain and develop their muscle mass.

      Additionally, Whey Selection from Peak is enriched with several different vitamins to provide a welcome boost to your general health.

      Whey Selection from Peak is intended for professional athletes looking to grow, develop and maintain their muscle mass while preserving their good health and functional abilities.


      Recommended daily dose for Whey Selection from Peak:

      • As a sports supplement, mix 30 g of powder with 300 ml of water or skim milk.
      • Use it preferably after training.
      • Take the recommended dose once per day.
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