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Tribulus terrestris - 60 capsules

Peak's Tribulus Terrestris is a dietary supplement that consists of an effective dose of herbal extracts, specifically of the tribulus terrestris plant, rich in active compounds, which is very popular among many athletes as it helps maintain normal levels of the substances involved. in muscle development in men, helping to build strong muscles.

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    Get healthy, strong and well-formed muscles thanks to Peak's Tribulus Terrestris, a highly effective food supplement.

    Peak Tribulus Terrestris is a food supplement made from a natural and effective dose of herbal extracts recognized for their stimulating power, especially from the tribulus terrestris plant, rich in active compounds specifically saponins, which have the property of stimulating production , the balance and the levels of the substances involved in muscle development in men, so it helps to maintain these levels in ideal conditions, efficiently contributing to the development and growth of the muscles, making it essential and widely used in the field of sports nutrition. Peak's Tribulus Terrestris formula can have a nutritional-physiological effect to contribute to the normal levels of these substances that are found naturally in the male body, only providing functional extracts and trace elements such as zinc, which also contributes to maintenance normal of these substances mentioned above in the blood, as well as to normal fertility, to normal protein synthesis, to the maintenance of normal eyesight, to the normal maintenance of the skin, hair and nails, to a normal function of the immune system and to help prevent oxidative stress in cells.

    Main characteristics of Peak's Tribulus terrestris

    • It is a food supplement based on the tribulus terrestris plant
    • Helps maintain normal levels of substances involved in male muscle development
    • Helps build strong and well-formed muscles
    • Contributes to normal fertility
    • Helps with normal protein synthesis
    • Helps to maintain normal sight
    • Helps to maintain normal skin, nails and hair
    • Helps normal function of the immune system
    • Helps prevent oxidative stress in cells

    Composition of Peak's Tribulus terrestris

    This food supplement is presented in capsules of maximum absorption and easy to swallow, considerably improving its bioavailability, in the same way it does not have any type of artificial component and has the right and appropriate properties of the ingredients it has, making it quite safe to use. time to consume.

    Content per serving (2 capsules):

    • Has 10 mg of zinc
    • It has 1680 mg of tribulus terrestris, of which 1000 mg are saponins

    What do you get with Peak's Tribulus terrestris ?

    Tribulus Terrestris from Peak is a food supplement that will help you develop defined and strong muscles in a natural and healthy way, through natural plant extracts and trace elements, so it is fully compatible with your healthy lifestyle, also helping in many aspects of health.

    Peak Tribulus Terrestris is ideal for athletes seeking to build quality muscle mass and seeking a natural and healthy option to achieve it.

    Recommended Daily Portion of Peak's Tribulus terrestris

    • As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take 2 capsules a day with enough liquid
    • Take at any time
    • Take the dose daily
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