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Micellar Casein - 1 kg

Micellar Casein from Peak is a food supplement that will provide you with 100% natural and bioactive casein, without denaturing. Strengthen your body with 82% of protein, which is released to offer a lasting strengthening of your muscle mass. It also comes in a delicious flavor and with the creamy and highly desirable texture of the tastiest shakes.

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    Micellar Casein from Peak. Strengthen your muscles, thanks to a delicious and creamy shake.

    Micellar Casein from Peak is the ideal way to have strong muscles for a long time. Enjoy this food supplement that provides high-quality micellar casein released in the body, strengthening your body and preserving your muscle mass for a long time. It is also a creamy and tempting shake that you cannot miss.

    Facts of Micellar Casein from Peak:

    • Contains 82% of protein.
    • Releases long-term amino acids.
    • Strengthens and preserves your muscle mass.

    What does each serving of Micellar Casein from Peak provide?

    Each recommended dose (30 g, flavor: vanilla) provides the following content:

    • 105 kcal of energy.
    • 0.50 g of saturated fatty acids.
    • 0.60 g of carbohydrates, including 0.50 g of sugars.
    • 25 g of protein.
    • 0.90 g of salt.

    These values ​​may vary according to the flavor of the supplement.

    What is Micellar Casein from Peak taken for?

    Micellar Casein from Peak is a dietary supplement made from 100 % natural and bioactive casein, without denaturing. It offers 82% of protein that is released in the body in the long term, to promote muscle growth and protect it from catabolism. It is excellent to reinforce all kinds of diets, since it keeps your muscle mass. It has a very appetizing creamy texture and a really delicious flavor. It also provides an excellent assimilation in the body thanks to the enzyme lactase, and has also been enriched with 10 excellent vitamins to preserve a good health.

    You will have an excellent amino acid profile with this Micellar Casein from Peak. It will contribute to your diet with 42% of EAA (essential amino acids), with 21% of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) and 20% of glutamine. It is a perfect supplement to ensure the muscle development and protection, since it slowly releases its benefits in the body. It will allow you to preserve the toning and development that you have achieved, avoiding the undesirable effects of catabolism. Casein also provides excellent bone fortification, which is ideal for training or to preserve its structure over time.

    Glutamine is an energy source for intestinal and immune cells. It also helps maintain the barrier between the intestines and the rest of your body and aids with proper growth of intestinal cells.

    You cannot miss the support this Micellar Casein from Peak can provide. This food supplement is one of the best acquisitions you can make to improve your physical capacity during your workouts. You will get an incredible amino acid booster, along with vital minerals like calcium, phosphorous, copper, zinc and iron. You will also have a release of its virtues for periods greater than 7 hours from its consumption.

    Recommended daily dose of Micellar Casein from Peak:

    • Dissolve 30 g (2 measuring tablespoons) in 300 ml of water.
    • Blend in a blender to achieve a creamy texture.
    • Recommended to take at night to optimize its benefits.
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