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Magnesium Citrate - 240 g

Magnesium Citrate from Peak is a delicious, tasting food supplement made from magnesium and enriched with vitamins C and B6, promotes muscle function, helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, stimulates energy metabolism and contributes to bone maintenance and normal psychological function.

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      Magnesium Citrate from Peak helps you develop more well-shaped muscles and take care of your health!

      Magnesium Citrate from Peak promotes relaxation and muscle regeneration, prevents cramps during and after your physical activities, relieves restless leg syndrome ailments.

      It is very beneficial for athletes and fitness lovers due to its significance in recovering after exertion when doing exercises, so that it significantly improves sports performance, intervenes in energy metabolism helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue, and contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

      In addition, Magnesium Citrate from Peak intervenes to guarantee an optimal functioning of the nervous system, thus allowing to release stress in a natural way. It can control insulin levels in the blood to maintain adequate sugar levels and also intervenes to control high-blood pressure and is effective in preventing migraines.

      Magnesium Citrate from Peak contains vitamins C and B6 to optimize and increase the effects of magnesium in the body and thus meet the needs of athletes and the general population.

      What is Magnesium Citrate from Peak?

      • Magnesium Citrate from Peak is made from magnesium citrate and enriched with vitamins C and B6.
      • Magnesium Citrate from Peak prevents joint injury and muscle damage.
      • Magnesium Citrate from Peak increases flexibility and muscle agility.
      • Magnesium Citrate from Peak reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue after physical activities.
      • Magnesium Citrate from Peak maintains the normal nervous system and energy metabolism.
      • Magnesium Citrate from Peak promotes ligament and tendon repair.
      • Flavored with sweeteners and vitamins.
      • Magnesium Citrate from Peak is perfect for vegetarians.
      • Gluten-free.

      What does Magnesium Citrate from Peak provide?

      Magnesium Citrate from Peak is a food supplement that promotes the development of muscle mass and physical performance. It comes in a powder presentation that allows a very good solubility and absorption in three delicious flavors: fresh orange, berry and lemon. Magnesium Citrate from Peak does not contain aspartame, gelatin, gluten, or lactose. It is low in carbohydrates.

      Content per dose (4 g) of Magnesium Citrate from Peak:

      • 80 mg of vitamin C.
      • 1.40 mg of vitamin B6.
      • 250 mg of magnesium.

      What is Magnesium Citrate from Peak taken for?

      Magnesium Citrate from Peak provides invaluable benefits to overall health, prevents heart conditions, regulates blood sugar levels and promotes a good state of the nervous system. Its greatest effectiveness lies in maintaining normal muscle function.

      Magnesium Citrate from Peak is indicated as a dietary supplement for athletes and fitness lovers. Its excellent properties make Magnesium Citrate from Peak effective to preserve the health of muscle and bone of the general population.

      Recommended daily dose of Magnesium Citrate from Peak:

      • As a dietary supplement, take 4 g of Magnesium Citrate from Peak.
      • Dissolve approximately ½ measuring spoon of Magnesium Citrate from Peak in 200 ml of water or fruit juice.
      • Take Magnesium Citrate from Peak once a day.
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