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Peak Glucofast is a great modern carbohydrate polymer, made from cornstarch that can be used as an effective energy source in all sports, from endurance, to bodybuilding and team sports, as it has been shown to help restore muscle function after an intensive training session.

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    Improve your muscle function and keep your muscles in normal condition with the extraordinary Glucofast from Peak.

    Glucofast from Peak is a food supplement that is a wonderful modern polymer of key carbohydrates, made from cornstarch, making it perfect for use as an effective energy source in all sports, such as bodybuilding, endurance sports and those of team This is precisely because the carbohydrates it contains have been shown to help restore normal muscle function (contraction) after an intense or long-term training session. Glucofast from Peak provides you with large amounts of energy in a neutral flavor, making it perfect for supplying energy before and during training, also helping to replenish muscle glycogen stores, also if you add it to other food supplements such as creatines , free amino acids or proteins, can increase its effectiveness and if you consume it after a large meal it can help you gain weight if you are looking for greater muscles.

    Peak Glucofast Features

    • It is a food supplement that provides essential carbohydrates
    • It is a great source of energy that can be used for all sports
    • Helps restore muscle function after an intensive training session
    • Helps replenish muscle glycogen stores
    • May improve the effectiveness of creatines, amino acids and proteins
    • It is quickly absorbed and very easy to take
    • Has no artificial components
    • It is highly bioavailable

    Composition of Peak Glucofast

    This fantastic food supplement is presented in powder, in a 3 kg container that preserves it very well, it is also an easier way to ingest, since it is effectively absorbed in the body, providing its benefits with superior effectiveness, in the same way It has the right and adequate amounts of its ingredients, which makes it very safe to consume.

    Peak Glucofast contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin and Pantothenic Acid.

    Nutritional value per serving (50 gr):

    • Has 192 Kcal of energy
    • It has 48 grams of carbohydrates

    Benefits of Glucofast from Peak

    Glucofast from Peak is a dietary supplement that provides a quantity of carbohydrates that will provide you with energy and contribute to the normal development and growth of the muscles, also making it an easily available source of energy, ensuring that muscle function or contraction is restored after exercise. intensive or prolonging, avoiding muscle fatigue and also helping to replenish glycogen in muscles. It has also been optimized with a vitamin complex of 10 vitamins, which act as regulatory substances in the body and have a variety of uses, such as reducing fatigue and supporting normal energy metabolism.

    Glucofast from Peak is ideal for sportsmen and athletes of all kinds, especially those who do strong daily workouts.

    Recommended daily dose of Glucofast from Peak

    • As a food supplement, dissolve 50 gr (approximately 5 tablespoons or 2 measuring spoons) in 250 ml of water or fruit juice
    • Take before, during or after physical effort
    • Take the dose daily
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