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Epic rage - 300 gr

Epic Rage by Peak is an incredible food supplement with ergogenic properties that helps you with your training. It contains green tea, rodhiola rosea, bitter orange, synephrine, panax ginseng, caffeine, theobromine, shisandra sinensis, theanine, ginkgo biloba, ginger, and piperine. Give a boost to your body from the start of your exercise routine, and get an amazing mental focus, and a better performance.

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    Epic Rage by Peak will provide you with an incredible physical boost with natural and powerful ingredients that will improve your performance.

    Epic Rage by Peak contains concentrated ingredients that will give you an amazing physical and mental boost. This food supplement brings an incredible synergistic combination that will provide you with strength, endurance and high concentration. It has been made without gelatin and gluten. It will be really useful in the practise of different physical disciplines.


    Main characteristics of Epic Rage by Peak

    • It contains ergogenic ingredients that increase performance.
    • It lacks gelantine or gluten.
    • It increases mental clarity during training.


    Ingredients and format of Epic Rage by Peak

    A dose of 15 g has the following details:

    • It contains 3 mg of vitamin B6.
    • It offers 1.5 µg of vitamin B12.
    • It contributes with 3000 mg of tyrosine.
    • It has 1,700 mg of glycine.
    • It has 500 mg of green tea that includes 225 mg of EGCG.
    • It contributes with 500 mg of rodhiola rosea.
    • It provides 450 mg of bitter orange.
    • It includes 27 mg of synephrine.
    • It has 400 mg of panax ginseng.
    • It provides 350 mg of caffeine.


    What is Epic Rage by Peak taken for?

    Epic Rage by Peak will boost your energy, improve your performance and increase your mental concentration during strict moments of training. It is a food supplement to use before training, having its ergogenic benefits available in a short time. It contains green tea, bitter orange, ginseng, synephrine, caffeine, shisandra chinensis, ginger, piperine, gingko biloba, tyrosine, and theobromine, among other energising ingredients. This product will give you an incredible boost in your physical activities, with a better level of attention while you exercise.

    You will have an excellent support before training with Epic Rage by Peak. This product will give you the best during your exercise routine. An ergogenic supplement is what you need in order to boost your physical power. It has an optimal quality to achieve the best performance, promote fat reduction and therefore, achieve full muscle development. You should look after yourself as much as possible, to be able to achieve the best body-mind coordination during the physical training session.

    Each ingredient in Epic Rage by Peak has been chosen to provide energy and improve performance. Green tea, is an incredible source of antioxidants, but also has a fat-burning effect, which boosts energy. Rodhiola rosea is an adaptogen that also increases strength and endurance. In the same way, it has panax ginseng has virtues that fight chronic fatigue and improve attention levels in students and people with high intellectual activity. All of this is also enhanced by caffeine, which due to its stimulating benefits is very common to be used by high-performance athletes. So, you can see all of its benefits and the support it can give you during physical activity.


    Recommended daily dose of Epic Rage by Peak

    • Dissolve 15 g (2 spoonfuls) in 350 ml of water.
    • Drink it about 30 minutes before training.
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