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Ecdysterone - 120 capsules

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Ecdysterone from Peak is a food supplement that will provide you with ecdysterone, an incredible plant hormone with great benefits and without health risks, for perfectly legal use. It is a compound that is present in the spinach, and that has the ability to increase strength, endurance and muscle gain.

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    Ecdysterone from Peak is an incredible 100% natural food supplement that will allow you to gain muscle, strength and endurance safely and effectively. Check out its amazing virtues!

    Ecdysterone from Peak provides you with the benefits of ecdysterone, an incredible compound that promotes amazing muscle hypertrophy, muscle gain, strength and endurance, safely and effectively. It also improves protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism.

    Facts of Ecdysterone from Peak:

    • Provides edysterone, a healthy hormone that is present in spinach.
    • Boosts the muscle development.
    • Increases endurance and preserves balance of other hormones.

    Composition of Ecdysterone from Peak:

    Each serving (4 capsules) provides the following content:

    • 2000 mg of spinach extract, including 100 mg of ecdysterone.
    • 1000 mg of l-leucine.

    Leucine is an essential amino acid for protein synthesis. Additionally, similarly to other amino acids, the carbon skeleton of leucine can be used to generate ATP. However, leucine can also regulate several cellular processes such as protein synthesis, tissue regeneration, and metabolism. You should not take high doses of single amino acids for long periods of time. Very high doses of leucine may cause low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). It may also cause pellagra. Symptoms of this can include skin lesions, hair loss, and gastrointestinal problems.

    What is achieved by taking Ecdysterone from Peak?

    Ecdysterone from Peak contains the incredible power of ecdysterone, a 100% natural steroid that boosts your muscle gain, without the side effects of other substances of this type. This hormone is present in nature, especially in vegetables. It is also present in spinach, which is the main ingredient of this food supplement. The best thing is that it provides safe effects that do not alter hormones like testosterone. It provides excellent muscle hypertrophy, increased endurance, and incredible physical growth. It has been proven to optimize performance and significantly boost your muscle gain.

    You can trust the safety of Ecdysterone from Peak. Ecdysterone is part of insects and some vegetables, and is involved in various processes of development, growth and transformation. Various clinical studies found that it promotes the muscle hypertrophy, and that it can be of great help in bodybuilding activities. Its presence in the body promotes the growth hormone increase, and reduces the action of estradiol and cortisol. Furthermore, it does not alter the action of testosterone, thyroxine or prolactin. Therefore, it does not increase the estrogenic bodies that can cause gynecomastia.

    You can also trust that Ecdysterone from Peak will preserve the health of your liver. Nor does it cause testicular atrophy or alter the balance of hormones present in the body. Instead, it plays a key role in protein synthesis, in the formation of red blood cells, and also stabilizes blood glucose levels. It is perfect for gaining muscle, as it improves your nutrient supply. In the same way, Ecdysterone from Peak optimizes your physical performance, thanks to which it increases the distribution of oxygen and promotes a complete elimination of carbon dioxide.

    Recommended daily dose of Ecdysterone from Peak:

    • Take from 2 to 4 capsules daily with water.
    • Take with protein-rich foods.

    Customer reviews: Ecdysterone - 120 capsules

    2 Reviews
    The product performs very well, a noticeable extra mass is achieved from the first month. It convinces me and I will continue buying it.
    I had never tried it but it seems to work, I feel more vital in the morning
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