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EAA Tst by Peak is a food supplement that will provide you with all the essential amino acids ina  free form, in accordance with WHO recommendations. It has been created with an ultra fast assimilation format that is perfect to reinforce the different stages of a diet. It also has a delicious and very pleasant flavour.

      EAA Tst by Peak is the most delicious way to meet all your essential amino acid requirements. Check what this product can do for you in your intense workouts!

      EAA Tst by Peak will provide you with all the essential amino acids in free form that can strengthen the phases of any type of diet. This food supplement has been prepared according to the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization), and offers an ultra-rapid assimilation capacity in the digestive system. In addition, it has a delicious flavour.


      Main characteristics of EAA Tst by Peak

      • It offers essential amino acids in free form.
      • It does not have aspartame, gluten, lactose, or gelatin.
      • It has a rapid assimilation in the body.


      What is in each dose of EAA Tst by Peak?

      Each 14 g dose offers the following details:

      • It contains 2.4 mg of niacin.
      • It has 0.21 mg of vitamin B6.
      • It has 0.38 µg of vitamin B12.
      • It provides 2,600 mg of L-Leucine.
      • It contributes 1500 mg of L-Lysine.
      • It provides 1,300 mg of L-Isoleucine.
      • It includes 1300 mg of L-Valine.
      • It provides 1250 mg of L-Phenylalanine.
      • It has 750 mg of L-Threonine.
      • It provides 520 mg of L-Methionine.


      Why trying EAA Tst by Peak?

      EAA Tst by Peak meets all your essential amino acid requirements with a delicious flavour. It is a special formula based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization. It contains essential amino acids through a drink that is quickly assimilated in the body. It has a pleasant flavour achieved in a healthy way. It can be included as a protein booster in your diet, since it has no calories. It will reinforce the requirements of athletes undergoing intense training, who are in need for EAA's.

      A total of 8 essential amino acids have been included in EAA Tst by Peak. It contains leucine, valine, isoleucine, lysine, phenylalanine, threonine, methionine and tryptophan. It also offers cystine and histidine, which are semi-essential amino acids. In other words, they are necessary only in certain circumstances in the body, but they cannot be absent in a daily diet. In addition, it has tyrosine that has a very important role in the synthesis of hormones and catecholamines.

      EAA Tst by Peak is best product thanks to Total Solution (Tst) technology. The advanced processes that have been used to prepare it make it possible for essential amino acids to reach the bloodstream approximately 10 minutes after consumption. In this way, they begin to work immediately as building blocks and regeneration of muscles, which is decisive for building muscle mass and keeping a toned body for a long time.

      Recommended daily dose of EAA Tst by Peak

      • Dissolve 14 g (2 spoonfuls) in 500 ml of water.
      • Mix it inside a shaker or sports bottle.
      • Take it before or after training.
      • People over 70 kg may need to increase the dose.
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