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Cla - 70 capsules

CLA from Peak, is a supplement that will allow you in an effective and guaranteed way, to burn accumulated fat and help you to eliminate those annoying extra kilos. Peak's CLA formula is specially designed to deliver the best results in maintaining a healthy weight and safely fighting obesity and overweight.

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    Combat obesity and overweight, eliminating excess fat and annoying extra kilos, with the excellent properties of CLA from Peak.

    Overweight and obesity are undoubtedly a global health problem that affects more and more people. One of the problems most associated with being overweight is the excessive accumulation of fat, which can lead to health complications of different types, affecting mainly the cardiovascular system, physical performance, among other factors. Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA is a fatty acid that has scientifically proven qualities that help to get rid of accumulated fat in an effective, natural and safe way, promoting weight loss and improving health. CLA from Peak is a dietary supplement based on this fatty acid; It is an excellent quality fatty acid, which promotes the effective combustion of fat, increased energy and physical performance; and of course, the safe and healthy loss of weight, helping to avoid health problems associated with obesity or excess fat accumulated in the body. Work today to achieve your ideal figure, your healthy body, with the excellent benefits that Peak's CLA brings you.

    Peak CLA Essentials

    • It is a 100% natural supplement
    • It is made with the best quality conjugated linoleic acid
    • Helps fight overweight and obesity
    • It has excellent fat burning properties
    • Helps transform fat into energy
    • Improves physical performance
    • Helps maintain an ideal weight
    • It is ideal to achieve a healthy and defined body
    • Improves protein metabolism and favors their absorption
    • Has properties that regulate metabolism
    • Supports the proper functioning of the digestive system
    • Supports cardiovascular health
    • Prevents heart problems
    • It is totally free of side effects
    • Provides good amounts of CLA per dose
    • Contains highly bioactive isomers
    • Ideal for high protein diets
    • Promotes muscle definition

    Peak CLA ingredients and format

    Peak's CLA supplement is made in a capsule format, which you can easily administer at the necessary time, and which allows you, in a practical way, to help maintain your ideal weight with an accessible dose.

    The main component of Peak's CLA is, of course, conjugated linoleic acid, which is accompanied by the highly bioactive isomers Cis-10 and Trans 12.

    Content per serving (4 capsules):

    • Contains 3,200 mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
    • Provides 1400 mg of the isomer Cis-9, Trans-11
    • Of which 1400 mg are Cis-12, Trans-10 isomer

    Why take Peak CLA ?

    CLA from Peak is your perfect ally when it comes to getting rid of accumulated body fat that can cause damage to your health. It is a supplement that allows you to lose weight and keep it at ideal levels, helping you have a healthier life and better physical performance.

    CLA from Peak is indicated for any adult, especially for people who are overweight, obese or on diets rich in protein.

    Recommended daily dose of CLA from Peak

    • As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 4 capsules
    • Take the dose preferably with meals
    • Take every day
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