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OXD is a leading manufacturer, specializing in bringing key products to life for athletes and the physical therapy professionals tasked with assisting them. Initially launched as a brand of gels and creams to combat muscle pain, this initiative has grown into something much bigger.

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OUTLETDermoprotective vaseline - 100 ml
Sports Dermoprotective Vaseline - 100 ml - OUTLETSpecific treatments
At last! A product ideal for highly competitive athletes and also for all those who care about...
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OXD has everything athletes and physiotherapists need to continuously improve and give their best in a competition. It started with the intention of providing products that facilitate recovery from injuries. However, it is currently in charge of following the evolution of current needs to find the best way to satisfy them.

All the products made by this company use carefully studied active components. The purpose is to find that which will best help in the physical repair of the athlete. It also considers the well-being of the professionals who assist them, whose epidermis is continuously in contact with these products.

OXD also contributes with options for athletes to perpetuate their personal care at home. And before launching a new proposal, it puts the products through tests and evaluations to ensure their benefits. When necessary, it readapts its composition until it has the necessary virtues.

It is about the dynamic and superior work of its plant of researchers and various health professionals. With a look always open to the times that run, they maintain a continuous and integrating evolution. They are inseparable from concepts such as inquiry, improvement, and overcoming short- and long-term goals.

OXD has been in the market for just over 20 years, capturing in its work the fruit of its experience and its fundamental knowledge of the needs of its clients. It is a Telic Group company, which brings together all the most advanced knowledge of sports medicine and modern physiotherapy.

Its products comply with ISO13485 and ISO22716 standards, with which it ensures excellent quality in its products. They use the highest quality raw materials and advanced technical procedures. This accounts for a high level of safety and ample capacity to meet the requirements of professionals and athletes, whether they are competitors or people who exercise for healthy purposes.

OXD thus maintains a leading position, practicing constant testing and quality control, which guarantees the effectiveness of its work. They know very well that an athlete requires support to achieve their goals, and that is why they carry out work that is framed in the constant overcoming of their own guidelines.

Its creams, gels and various products are part of an integrated production project. They have a working group embarked on continuing with an innovative task, with a view to being at the forefront in assistance and improvement of sports activities. They support and improve your path to success, helping you to overcome any injury or discomfort in your muscles in a short time.

OXD is a brand with a superior vision that contrasts the experience of athletes and physiotherapists, to find unique products with unsurpassed effectiveness.