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Serious Mass - 5,45Kg

9/10 152

Serious Mass Optimum is the formula of ultimate weight gain that supports the development of the muscles at the highest level.

    • VegetarianVegetarian
    • How is it taken?
      How is it taken?
      Dissolve in liquid and mix
    • How many times?
      How many times?
      From one to three times a day Once a day Two services
    • When should it be taken?
      When should it be taken?
      After training Before and/or after training On an empty stomach and after training
    • What do you take it for?
      What do you take it for?
      Gaining muscle mass and strength Gain muscle mass
    • Usos
      Gain muscle mass

    Serious MASS Weight Gainer with a high caloric content

    Serious Mass is the ultimate in weight gain formulas, exceeding in numbers and quality to any other on the market. With 1,250 calories per serving, is actually a VERY SERIOUS weight gainer and with 50 grams of a mixture of proteins, such as whey protein concentrate , calcium caseinate, egg albumen and sweet whey , provides a moderate continuous release of protein, ideal for maintaining and maximize muscle development and recovery over a long period of time, which make Serious Mass, the ideal post-workout shake between meals to magnify and overcome all your goals.

    The Serious MASS formula

    • Formula with 1,250 calories per serving
    • Provides 50g of protein mixture 
    • More than 250g of carbohydrates with no added sugar
    • Includes creatine, glutamine, and glutamic acid
    • Enriched with 25 vitamins and minerals
    • Excellent flavor and solubility for a perfect shake!

    Serious Mass from Optimum Nutrition is the most complete weight-gainer supplement thanks to a careful formula with an incredible amount of carbohydrates and a mixture with the most effective proteins. Its excellent amino acid profile and fair dose of creatine, glutamine, glutamine peptides, choline, inositol and medium chain triglycerides (MCT), Serious Mass actually contains almost everything you need to get very serious gains.

    In addition, the formula of Serious Mass is designed with a complex of 25 essential vitamins and minerals to promote optimal nutrition which allows getting a supplement like no other, which provides greater muscle gains you've never experienced, promoting an extreme increase in record time.

    Serious Mass from Optimum has been developed to meet the needs of the most extreme athletes and demanding sportsmen who prefer maximum care by matching their caloric and protein needs for a perfect physical composition.

    • Apoya el crecimiento muscular
      Supports muscle growth
    • Mezcla rápida e instantánea
            Quick mix and solubility
    • Mejora la recuperación
      +50g protein
      per serving

    Serious Mass gives you the tools you need to achieve the greatest gains and help you develop perfect physical volume you've always wanted.

    Serious Mass de Optimum Nutrition: The ultimate volume and muscle mass gainer.

    The powerful Serious Mass provides 1,250 calories per serving when mixed with water, resulting in a massive 1,630 calories when made with skim milk, favoring weight gain faster and controlled. Therefore, Serious Mass has been developed for bodybuilders and really demanding athletes who only settle for truly SERIOUS gains that not only covers their caloric needs but exceeds reaching the most extreme limits. All with the quality of Optimum Nutrition, the best assured satisfaction seal that you can find on the market.

    If you want a hardcore weight gain and serious profits, you will not find another like Serious Mass, leader in its sector and the best valued for its extraordinary and real results.

    Customer reviews: Serious Mass - 5,45Kg

    152 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    Muy buen producto para subir de peso, y si es el mas vendido ahi te lo dice todo. producto recomendable a esos que quieren subir de peso sin acumular mucha grasa. Sabor chocolate me gusta ami mas de todos y de precio esta muy bien.
    One of the best brands in the world, one of the best productos of the world
    El mejor ganador y el sabor de fresa muy bueno es la segunda ves que lo pido.
    This protein is the best protein in the world for people trying to gain weight.
    All the flavours are amazing but I order vanilla because I feel the others are too dense
    My gym partner recommended me this protein and this page, and the truth is that I am very satisfied.
    A very good option, his macros are excellent, and it is very easy to reach surplus with him.
    6 lb (2.72 kg)
    The quality of this winner is very good, it feels great and has very good quality ingredients.
    6 lb (2.72 kg)
    I measure 1.89 and weight 76kg, this shake is helping me gain weight, it costs me a lot but I am noticing results with this gainer, I am going for my second boat, very happy for the moment.
    6 lb (2.72 kg)
    I measure 1.89 and weight 76kg, this shake is helping me gain weight, it costs me a lot but I am noticing results with this gainer, I am going for my second boat, very happy for the moment.
    6 lb (2.72 kg)
    Although I didn't like the strawberry flavor too much, I have to say that the product more than complies.
    A classic for the time of volume for its result and its flavor. It's great and I won't change it
    Although the flavor is not the most determining factor, this one is great, especially the chocolate one.
    As a weight gainer it is very good, it is quite clean more than other brands. Recommended
    6 lb (2.72 kg)
    One of the best gainers without a doubt, not only does it feel great when digesting it, but its macros and flavor are very good.
    I liked it a lot, the climb is safe and also quite clean. The biscuit flavor, very rich.
    6 lb (2.72 kg)
    The vanilla flavor is very good and also for me, being thin, it has come in handy when it comes to training.
    6 lb (2.72 kg)
    The taste is delicious, really good and it mixes very well with water or milk, I really liked it.
    6 lb (2.72 kg)
    6 lb (2.72 kg)
    one of the best weight gainers on the market and I would say from my experience that the best!
    6 lb (2.72 kg)
    It is very balanced in its macro cast, although perhaps a little more protein would be ideal. Taste is really good and not cloying (biscuit).
    Questions and answers
    Cuánto tiempo dura la proteína ?
    2023-08-01 18:05:45 Cristian
    Add a response
    Hola, el paquete de 5 kilos y pico pone 16 servings, refiriendose a porciones o servicios entiendo... Es asi? O a que se refiere?
    2023-07-22 23:09:48 Dani
    Buenas, se refiere a servicios de 334g
    2023-07-24 09:58:29 Masmusculo
    Add a response
    Hola, peso 50kilos y mido 1.65 , hago mis rutinas de ejercicio por las tardes por qué mi trabajo así me lo permite , trabajo por la mañana mi trabajo es un poco pesado ya que hay días que se necesita mucho esfuerzo físico, mi pregunta es cuántos casos tomar al día y a qué horas , si me podría tomar uno en ayunas antes de irme al trabajo??
    2023-04-15 16:51:31 Eunice
    Hola Eunice, claro, no hay problema, puedes incluir serious mass cuando mejor te venga si tienes mucho desgaste. El scoop es de 167 gramos y el fabricante recomiendo 2 al día. Puedes empezar probando con uno para ver como te sienta e ir subiendo hasta dos al día. Saludos
    2023-04-17 10:04:05 Jose Antonio
    Add a response
    Muchísimas gracias por su tiempo y su respuesta, mi última pregunta es referente a “cazo”, ¿que es un cazo? Ustedes me sugirieron que tomara medio cazo en la mañana y medio en la tarde. ¿Que cantidad de agua o de leche se toma? Gracias
    2022-10-03 20:48:06 Holman Marín
    Cazo es el pequeño recipiente plástico que encontrará en el interior. La cantidad de agua/leche ronda los 300-400ml por cada medio cazo. ¡Saludos!
    2022-10-03 21:06:25 JAVI
    Add a response
    Yo voy comprar la proteína serius mass, con el objetivo de aumentar de peso é muscular, deseo saber Qué tiempo me demora el pote de 6l y que me aconseja el proceso de ingerir. También que me recomienda ustedes para tener resultado rápidos y efectivo!
    2022-10-03 20:16:24 Holman Marín
    ¡Buenas tardes! Personalmente, le recomendaría que comenzara tomando medio cazo, a media mañana o media tarde por ejemplo, y fuera aumentando la cantidad progresivamente y poco a poco, en base a los resultados que vea reflejados en el espejo y en la báscula. Por otro lado, resultados rápidos no existen en este mundo. Ganar masa muscular es un proceso lento y costoso, requiere de esfuerzo y constancia para ver resultados de calidad. ¡Saludos!
    2022-10-03 20:28:45 JAVI
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