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Daily support mood - 60 capsules

Optimum Nutrition Daily Support Mood contributes to normal mental performance; helping to support daily sleep, mood, and normal cognitive functioning. All thanks to its excellent formulation based on B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, Affron, KSM 66 and other natural ingredients.

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    Optimum Nutrition Daily Support Mood

    • It is a food supplement in capsules based on an excellent combination that includes group B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, Affron (saffron extract), KSM 66 (ashwagandha extract) and other 100% natural ingredients.

    What is Optimum Nutrition Daily Support Mood taken for ?

    • It is taken to help maintain normal mental performance.

    • Helps support daily sleep.

    • Helps maintain a good mood.

    • Contributes to normal psychological function.

    • Helps normal cognitive functioning.

    Why buy Daily Support Mood ?

    • Contains synergistic ingredients of 100% natural origin, selected following high quality standards.

    • It comes in capsules that are easy to swallow and quickly absorbed by the body.

    • It has high bioavailability.

    • Ideal for athletes and people who perform strong activities on a mental and physical level.

    • 100% natural.

    • Suitable for vegetarians.

    You will boost your concentration and your mental performance effectively.


    • High-quality, patented saffron extract.

    • It contributes to normal psychological function and good cognitive functioning.

    KSM 66

    • Scientifically proven ashwagandha extract.

    • Improves concentration.

    • Helps maintain mental health in optimal conditions.

    How is Daily Support Mood taken?

    • Consume 2 capsules a day.

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    Questions and answers
    What’s the time better for take it ?
    2023-02-07 16:30:05 Edson
    Hello Edson, Daily Support Mood is focused on improving concentration and memory, it is not stimulating because it does not contain caffeine, but it does give mental focus for activities that require concentration. Since it does not make you sleepy, you can take it at any time of the day before training or studying. Greetings
    2023-02-07 17:14:29 Jose Antonio
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    ¿Produce sueño o excitación?. A que hora del día se recomienta tomar?
    2022-10-07 11:45:34 Francisco Javier
    Hola Francisco Javier, este producto va enfocado a la mejora de la concentración y memoria, no es estimulante porque no lleva cafeína pero si que da foco mental para actividades que requieran concentración. No da sueño. Saludo
    2022-10-07 11:51:23 Jose Antonio
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