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100% Whey Gold Bag - 1Lbs

9/10 219

the! Optimum Nutrition protein most prestigious market in packaging of 1 pound / 553 g! 100% Whey Gold Standard It is the new twist of Optimum Nutrition.

    • How is it taken?
      How is it taken?
      Dissolve in liquid and mix
    • How many times?
      How many times?
      Once or twice a day
    • When should it be taken?
      When should it be taken?
      Before, during and / or after training On an empty stomach and after training
    • What do you take it for?
      What do you take it for?
      Effect: repair and build
    • Usos
      Gain muscle mass

    100% Whey Gold Standard
    Best selling Optimum Nutrition protein

    the! Optimum Nutrition protein most prestigious market in packaging of 1 pound / 553 g!

    100% Whey Gold Standard It is the new twist of Optimum Nutrition. A considerable improvement of the Optimum Nutrition team (ON) for perfecionar isolated from whey protein that has revoluciando the market American and European, with millions of satisfied customers.

    Whey protein isolates are 90% pure protein by weight. This is the purest and most expensive form of protein that exists. This is the ingredient that you can read on the label of 100% Whey Gold Standard.

    The isolated serum (whey protein isolate) is the primary source of 100% Whey Gold Standard with 24 grams of this creative protein of muscle mass by outlet, with a lot less of the fat, cholesterol, lactose, and other substances that you don't want to.

    24 g 5.5 g 4 g 25 mg

    Advantages of100% Whey Gold Standard. on other protein smoothies.

    • Most isolated whey protein, the most pure and source expensive commercially available whey protein.
    • Higher protein percentage, being 100% Whey Gold Standard. leader in that regard, with 24 grams of protein per outlet, being 79% of weight of the socket!
    • They have added more hydrolyzed peptide serum © Hydrowhey to be of lower molecular weight are more comparable.
    • 100% Whey Gold Standard. It contains lactases and other digestive enzymes as the proprietary blend that enhances the absorption and is suitable for the lactose intolerant.
    • 100% Whey Gold Standard dissolves instantly and easily with a Spoon or few agitations of your mixer.
    • Each serving of 100% Whey Gold Standard. It includes more whey protein microfracciones biologically active as Alpha-lactoalbuminas, glicomacropeptidos, beta-lactoglobulinas, immunoglobulin G, lactoferrrinas, lactoperoxidasas, and several growth promoters.
    • 100% Whey Gold Standard contains 4 grams of glutamine and precursors.
    • 100% Whey Gold Standard. also contains 5 grams of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) in each shot.

    Because when you have to buy protein There's nothing like! Optimum protein!


    Directions: To obtain a positive nitrogen balance, consume approximately 2 grams of protein per kg of body weight, total day, combining foods rich in protein and protein Smoothie 100% Whey Gold Standard. For best results, the dose of 100% Whey Gold Standard distributed in 4-6 small meals throughout the day.

    Warning: This product contains ingredients derived from milk and soy (to improve the solubility).


    Supplement Facts
    Serving size: 1 scoop (30.4 g)
    per serving
    120 kcal
    1 g
    0.5 g
    0 g
    30 mg
    60 mg
    3 g
    1 g
    24 g

    Other ingredients:
    mixture of proteins (isolated from whey protein, protein concentrates, the whey peptides), cocoa, artificial flavors, lecithin and potassium acesulfama.

    Note: Nutritional values, as well as the average dose size may differ significantly depending on the flavor.

    Customer reviews: 100% Whey Gold Bag - 1Lbs

    219 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    3 stars
    2 stars
    1 star
    100% Whey Gold Standard - 10Lb (4,5Kg) Strawberry
    I will buy it again.
    5 Lb (2,27Kg) Chocolate
    Mejor marca de proteinas sin duda, buenos resultados, y con solo 1,1 gramos de grasa cada servicio, y los sabores vainilla y chocolate son muy buenos.
    Mejor producto os lo recomiendo!
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    Estoy muy contento con los aislados de Whey de Gold Standard. Es muy efectivo y tiene un sabor agradable. El de chocolate es algo suave para mi gusto pero sabroso.
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    Buen sabor y precio, el paquete tardo 24h en llegar. Todo perfecto!
    2Lb (0,9Kg)
    Like the product I have been using it for a long time
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    Cumple las expectativas de su buen nombre. Muy buen sabor el de double chocolate.
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    low fat, high protein. perfect for lean muscle builders
    100% Whey Gold Standard - 10Lb (4,5Kg)
    I've tried many, but this protein is simply the best. Good flavors, perfect miscibility, rich with high quality protein
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    Excellent quality, disolves quickly and tastes excellent.
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    Sem sombra de dúvida a melhor proteína do mercado.
    Sabor excelente, resultados mt bons.
    Vou voltar a comprar.
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    Buenas tardes,

    Desde hace muchos años me suplemento con proteína de ON, si sigo con ella es porque, en efecto, cumple mis exigencias y necesidades diarias antes y después de cada entreno.

    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    it is good test, easy to mix for sure i stay with this brand and gonna try anower products
    100% Whey Gold Standard - 10Lb (4,5Kg)
    Undoubtedly the best protein that I have taken, good taste, zero digestion problems, high price but quality product.
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    Excellent range of flavors, it is not cheap but it is of quality, it is easily assimilated and its dissolution with water is good.
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    Good protein, I have been consuming it for a long time and it has always given me good results
    The cookies flavor is amazing, leaving aside the quality of the protein.
    5 Lb (2,27Kg)
    The best protein ever and at a good price, despite the rise it has experienced. I can't get enough of the vanilla flavor, very smooth and not at all cloying.
    100% Whey Gold Standard - 10Lb (4,5Kg)
    Questions and answers

    cuanto tarda en digerirse esta proteina?

    2015-07-09 22:36:35 Alejandro

    hola alejandro, 100% whey gold bag en concentrado de proteina de suero, dependiendo si la acompañas junto algun alimento o bien sola con agua despues de tu entreno, tardara mas o menos en digerirse, lo basico es que en 1 hora este fuera del estomago cuando se toma sola, y hasta hora y media junto a alimentos.

    2015-07-09 22:36:35 Raúl Carrasco - IFBB PRO (MM Team)
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