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Thermo Speed Extreme 2.0 - 120 capsules

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Thermo Speed Extreme 2.0 from Olimp Sport is the high-efficiency complex that is aimed at raising the internal body thermostat, thus favoring the elimination of excess fat and managing to outline your figure and maintain it ideally. This product is made from various natural extracts that allow the increased thermogenesis.

      Thermo Speed ​​Extreme 2.0 from Olimp Sport is the food supplement that stimulates thermogenesis by enhancing the body fat burning.

      Thermo Speed ​​Extreme 2.0 from Olimp Sport is the ultimate food supplement that is ideal to contribute to an adequate energy metabolism. It is made from standardized plant extracts to take advantage of its properties, such as green tea, bitter orange extract, guarana, cayenne, cayenne pepper and black pepper extract.

      Thermo Speed Extreme 2.0 from Olimp Sport also contains l-tyrosine, caffeine, and niacin. All these elements, along with the extracts mentioned, are compressed in a "mega capsule".

      L-tyrosine belongs to the twenty non-essential amino acids that make up a protein, and with its contribution in Thermo Speed ​​Extreme 2.0 from Olimp Sport allows you to fight fatigue and to recover the energy that is usually lost during your workouts. In addition, as a precursor of dopamine and adrenaline, it allows optimal moods, leaving depression at bay.

      Thermo Speed Extreme 2.0 from Olimp Sport benefits from the presence of caffeine belonging to the family of alkaloids with stimulating properties, collaborating with the presence of guarana. For this reason, it favors the mobilization of fat reserves.

      Now, niacin, which is the same as water-soluble vitamin B3, achieves a normal psychological function, as well as helps the standard metabolism that produces energy. In this way, it collaborates with the proper functioning of the nervous system, contributes to the maintenance of mucous membranes and also allows the maintenance of fresh skin. It even reduces fatigue and tiredness.

      Thermo Speed ​​Extreme 2.0 from Olimp Sport also benefits from the properties of green tea that promote the oxidation of fats, fulfilling a thermogenic function, in collaboration with pepper extract cayenne which favors weight reduction, the bitter orange extract that stimulates the mobilization of fats, as well as with the contribution of black pepper extract as a fat cell reducer.

      Contents per a daily dose (2 capsules) of Thermo Speed Extreme 2.0 from Olimp Sport:

        • 500 mg of l-tyrosine.
        • 272 mg of green tea extract.
        • 149.6 mg of EGCG.
        • 80 mg of anhydrous caffeine.
        • 50 mg of cayenne pepper extract.
        • 4 mg of capsaicin.
        • 40 mg of guarana extract.
        • 20 mg caffeine.
        • 2.5 mg of black pepper extract.
        • 2.4 mg of piperine.
        • 2.4 mg of niacin.

      Among its ingredients, we can find the following:

          • L-tyrosine, green tea extract (camellia sinensis l.) Kuntze (leaves), anhydrous caffeine, bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), cayenne pepper extract (capsicum annuum l., fruit).
          • Guarana extract (paullinia cupana Kunth., seed), anti-caking agents (magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide).
          • Black pepper extract (piper nigrum l., fruit), nicotinic acid (niacin), capsule [gelatin, coloring (titanium dioxide)].

      Thermo Speed Extreme 2.0 from Olimp Sport is the thermogenic fat-burning food supplement that contributes to having an ideal weight and figure.

      Recommended direction: take 1 capsule twice a day, after meals with plenty of water. You should take before training, in the morning and afternoon.

      Customer reviews: Thermo Speed Extreme 2.0 - 120 capsules

      43 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      3 stars
      I was very surprised, your purchase has been a success. I have managed to break my weight loss plateau simply by adding this product. Recommended product.
      120 capsules
      To lose weight, it has been very good for me, it has been a help, especially when fasting to activate me.
      120 capsules
      Very good value for money if you are not a lover of products loaded with stimulants. For me the right dose
      120 mega caps
      It has little caffeine but the rest of the compound it contains went well for my boyfriend. Recommended
      120 capsules
      A great help for weight loss, I did not use to take anything but seeing myself stagnant I have decided to try and the truth is that it was good
      120 capsules
      I have really noticed it when taking it with my gym routine, totally recommended.
      120 mega caps
      Burner pump, I have melted fat with it to a spectacular level, super burner.
      120 mega caps
      Good results after a month of taking it, you quickly notice that extra energy that comes in handy for that fasted cardio that I do.
      120 mega caps
      Very good thermogenic I started to try it on the recommendation of a friend and it has given me good results, the shipment was very fast
      120 mega caps
      Good results in losing weight and body fat as well as giving a good plus of energy to train.
      120 capsules
      I expected more from the product, I have not noticed a very noticeable difference in terms of fat loss.
      120 capsules
      very effective thermogenic that is actually not bad how it works but there are many more powerful
      120 capsules
      a good thermogenic that the truth is that it is working very well for me happy with the purchase
      120 capsules
      a good thermogenic but the truth is that I expected it to be much stronger and at a good price!!!
      120 mega caps
      Top 10 good stimulation, it shows and for the price you can not ask for more, a great thermogenic
      120 capsules
      It is helping me lose fat, I take it on an empty stomach and before training in the afternoon, you notice that extra energy and activation shortly after using it.
      120 mega caps
      It helps lower body fat and activates you before training on an empty stomach, good for the price.
      120 capsules
      Good quality-price product. Quite a few active ingredients that make up this product. Recommended for fat burning.
      120 mega caps
      good product is not bad the price and the taste can be improved but you are fine the results you get0
      120 capsules
      It is the first time that I have included a thermogenic to lose weight in summer and I have ended up very happy because it has cost me less than other years
      120 mega caps
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