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TMP 60 from Nutrisport is a food supplement with a powerful formula composed of excellent proteins of the best quality and different rates of assimilation, for a prolonged action that favors growth and muscle development and recovery. Moreover, it contains carbohydrates of high bioavailability, so it promotes energy production and increases physical performance.

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    TMP 60 from Nutrisport is a powerful supplement containing proteins and carbohydrates that make your muscle mass grow, increase your energy and strength and improve recovery time.

    Proteins and carbohydrates are essential in any diet, and especially in those for athletes and sportspeople, as they offer properties that help the growth of muscle mass and increased energy. TMP 60 from Nutrisport is a supplement which incorporates different nutrients in its formula, including excellent proteins of different assimilation rates such as a concentrated whey protein of rapid absorption; and a calcium caseinate and casein, of slow absorption. All of which maximize the development and growth of lean and healthy muscle mass.

    A protein is one of several natural substances that exist in food such as meat, eggs, and beans, and which your body needs in order to grow and remain strong and health.

    In addition, the carbohydrates it contains are capable of providing energy that improves strength, endurance and physical performance during your workouts, which helps you achieve better results. TMP 60 from Nutrisport also promotes muscle recovery and the way in which the tissues of your muscles regenerate after intense workouts.

    What is TMP 60 from Nutrisport?

    • Provides high-quality proteins.
    • Improves muscle development.
    • Helps gain muscle mass.
    • Increases energy and stamina.
    • Promotes the best and most effective muscle recovery.
    • Provides proteins of fast and slow absorption.
    • Improves physical performance.
    • Based on a formula of high biological value.
    • Contains carbohydrates of excellent quality and maximum absorption.
    • Ideal for supplementing sports diets.
    • Avoids the effects of muscle catabolism.
    • Has a delicious flavor.
    • Delays the effects of tiredness and fatigue.
    • Contains probiotics.

    What does TMP 60 from Nutrisport provide?

    TMP 60 from Nutrisport is a powdered food supplement with a delicious flavor, so that you can prepare rich shakes. Plus, it has a proper amount of proteins and carbohydrates, which contributes to maximum physical development.

    TMP 60 from Nutrisport has a formula that contains proteins such as a concentrated whey protein of high quality, the best commercially available protein for athletes. It contains casein and calcium caseinate, probiotics and carbohydrates.

    Content per dose (25 g). Some values ​​vary according to flavor:

    • Has an energy value of 91 kcal.
    • Contains 6.9 g of carbohydrates.
    • Provides 18.2 g of a concentrated whey protein.
    • Has 0.5 mg of vitamin B6.

    Why should you take TMP 60 from Nutrisport?

    TMP 60 from Nutrisport is a food supplement designed to be an excellent source of maximum-quality protein and nutrients essential for optimal growth and development of muscle mass and a considerable increase in physical performance during workouts, thanks to its energy supply and improved way in which it promotes muscle recovery after exercise.

    TMP 60 from Nutrisport is ideal for sportspeople looking to enhance muscle and physical development through proteins of good quality.

    Recommended daily dose of TMP 60 from Nutrisport:

    • As a food supplement, dissolve 25 g of product in juice, water or skim milk.
    • Take the dose after physical training.
    • Ingest the dose daily.
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