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Glutamine Drive - 1000 g

Glutamine Drive from Nutrex is a dietary supplement that represents an easy means of getting pure, quickly assimilated glutamine. Being neutrally flavored, it can be added to shakes of any type to be consumed on a daily basis in order to ensure a faster post-workout muscle recovery. It will become an indispensable aid to maintain and improve physical capacity and to overcome stressful situations.

      Glutamine Drive from Nutrex will help your recovery, accelerate muscle growth safely and get you into top physical shape. Plus, it comes as pure as it gets, without additives of any kind!

      Glutamine Drive from Nutrex is pure, quickly assimilated glutamine. As an addition to your daily diet, it will help improve physical performance, promote incredible muscle gains and replenish depleted glycogen stores. Glutamine Drive from Nutrex is presented in neutral flavor for easy inclusion into juices or shakes of all kinds or in combination with other dietary supplements.

      What are the characteristics of Glutamine Drive from Nutrex?

      • Pure, fast-digestion glutamine.
      • Improves muscle growth and physical performance.
      • Neutrally flavored.

      What is in each shot of Glutamine Drive from Nutrex?

      Each recommended dose of 5 g contributes 5000 mg of pure glutamine.

      Why should you take Glutamine Drive from Nutrex?

      Glutamine Drive from Nutrex is a dietary supplement that provides pure glutamine in a fast-assimilation formula to help combat muscle wasting due to intense training or physical stress, promoting muscle recovery and growth.

      Glutamine Drive from Nutrex comes in a neutrally flavored presentation, so it is the perfect choice for combination with juices, skim milk, vegetables, or shakes of any kind. In addition, it can reinforce the nutrition benefits afforded by other proteins or supplements you may be using as training aids, or simply be taken as a daily supplement to boost the energy levels required to go through everyday activities.

      For a good physical development in sports, Glutamine Drive from Nutrex is a must. Glutamine makes up 60% of the tissues in our body, and its depletion due to stress and exhaustion can jeopardize their firmness and growth. Avoiding this scenario requires the reinforcement of dietary glutamine levels in order to facilitate tissue repair and regeneration and ensure that training leads to growth and development.

      In much the same way, glutamine is essential for post-workout recovery and counteracting the depletion of glycogen, the primary fuel supporting high-intensity exercise, that results from sustained training. Glutamine Drive from Nutrex also improves our defenses, which play a vital role in the physical recovery process.

      Another benefit of Glutamine Drive from Nutrex is the welcome boost it provides to our general well-being and, in particular, the nervous system (this is how Glutamine Drive from Nutrex combats mental fatigue, stress and insomnia and relieves hyperactivity disorders). Additionally, Glutamine Drive from Nutrex is a useful adjunct during convalescence, to recover from anemia, and to prevent and reduce the possibility of infection.

      Recommended daily dose of Glutamine Drive from Nutrex:

      • Dissolve 5 g (use the provided measuring cup) in a glass of water or a smoothie.
      • Take 2 doses.
      • One dose should be taken morning and another in the evening.
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