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Fosdolid Plus - 60 capsules

Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet is a food supplement formulated to provide the energy and mental vitality necessary in times of intellectual stress.

Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet helps with the optimization of cognitive and mental functions, stimulating concentration and memory, making it especially ideal for students in exam time, improving their mental abilities, protecting their neurons and helping them to get good results.

      Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet is the food supplement that will optimize your mental and cognitive functions for exam times or high intellectual tension.

      In exam times, it is usually reached a saturation of cognitive and mental processes, and this is mainly due to the large amount of information that seeks to be stored for testing. This causes mental exhaustion, and momentarily weakens different functions such as memory and concentration.

      To help people and especially students in these periods, Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet has been formulated. It is a food supplement based on ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, sea buckthorn, vitamins, amino acids and other 100% natural components, which strengthen your memory and concentration.

      These elements provide the mental energy to strengthen mental functions, increasing intellectual performance to deal with some situations of high mental and physical activity.

      Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet also favors the protection of neurons and fights free radicals that can also affect your mental performance.

      What are the characteristics of Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet?

      • Food supplement that optimizes mental functions.
      • Improves and optimizes your memory.
      • Helps protect neurons.
      • Has antioxidant properties.
      • Helps improve vascular elasticity.
      • Provides physical and mental energies.
      • Helps students in exam periods.
      • Helps to fight and reduce tiredness and fatigue signs.
      • Made from 100% natural ingredients.
      • Enriched with vitamins and amino acids.
      • Contains some vitamins of group B.
      • Significantly improves cognition.
      • Significantly increases and improves concentration.
      • Increases physical and mental endurance.
      • Improves sports performance.
      • Easy to take.
      • Has no side effects.

      What does each serving of Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet provide?

      This extraordinary food supplement comes in easy-to-take capsules. In addition, these capsules dissolve at the right time to release their content and maximize the absorption of their components.

      The ingredients of Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet are soy lecithin, amino acids such as l-taurine and l-glutamine, ginkgo biloba, sea buckthorn extract, choline, vitamins of group B and various phospholipids.

      Nutrition facts per serving (2 capsules):

      • 500 mg of soy lecithin.
      • 150 mg of l-taurine.
      • 150 mg of l-glutamine.
      • 120 mg of ginkgo biloba.
      • 100 mg of sea buckthorn.
      • 50 mg of myrtyl anthocyanins.
      • 1.4 mg of vitamin B6.
      • 2.5 mcg of vitamin B12, among other B vitamins.
      • 90 - 150 mg of phosphatidylcholine, among other phospholipids.

      Does lecithin help with weight loss?

      Not exactly the stuff to help in weight reduction, cardiovascular health, or liver function. In fact, theoretically, they could work against all those potentially wonderful benefits. 

      What is achieved by taking Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet?

      Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet is a food supplement that helps to keep mental functions in optimal condition, strengthening concentration and memory, improving endurance, physical and mental performance, especially in the face of constant intellectual stress such as exam times.

      Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet is perfect for students in exam periods, and also for the elderly.

      Recommended daily dose of Fosdolid Plus from Novadiet:

      • As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules.
      • Take the dose preferably in the morning.
      • Take the dose daily.
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