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Daxinova - 60 capsules

Daxinova by Novadiet is a nutritional supplement with laxative benefits that can healthy relieve constipation or intestinal constipation. Contains senna, prebiotic fiber (inulin) and frangula. These components improve bowel movements and normalize the functioning of the intestines. Recover in a natural and healthy way with these ingredients obtained from organic farming.

      Daxinova by Novadiet promotes a healthy bowel movement. Recover your well-being with its natural components!

      Daxinova by Novadiet concentrates herbal extracts that will help you have a very healthy and effective bowel movement. Normalize the functioning of your intestines and strengthen your intestinal flora. Get natural relief from constipation with its natural ingredients.

      Novadiet's Daxinova Essentials

      • Contains herbal extracts that improve bowel movements.

      What's in every shot of Novadiet's Daxinova ?

      Each capsule has the following specifications:

      • Provides 292 mg of senna.
      • It has 60 mg of prebiotic fiber.
      • Includes 20 mg of frangula.
      • It also contains bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin), anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate).

      What do you get with Daxinova from Novadiet ?

      Novadiet Daxinova is a food supplement with excellent laxative properties. It contains natural ingredients that will help you relieve intestinal transit in your body. Get a healthy evacuation and normalize the functioning of your intestines. It contains senna, an herb with laxative and digestive properties, native to India, China and Pakistan. It works by promoting the peristaltic movements of the colon and improving the secretion of water. It has vermifuge, cleansing, purgative properties, it can relieve gastrointestinal problems and the discomfort of hemorrhoids. It offers excellent relief to people who are under the discomfort of constipation or constipation.

      Your intestinal flora will also benefit from Novadiet's Daxinova, as it contains a dose of prebiotics. It is about the foods that preserve the beneficial organisms of the intestinal flora. A booster of prebiotics will strengthen the properties of the healthy bacteria in your intestines, which are responsible for eliminating harmful organisms, assimilating nutrients from food and strengthening defenses. This will profoundly improve your digestive system, and will also fight heartburn. In the same way, it prevents all kinds of diseases that can include from ailments such as colitis or irritable bowel syndrome, to very delicate infections.

      Finally you will also get the benefits of frangula, another important ingredient in Novadiet's Daxinova. It is a plant commonly used in naturopathic medicine. It contains anthraquinones, which are its active components. These give it laxative, anthemimic and healing properties. It is usually used to treat constipation, biliary disorders, and hemorrhoids. It offers an important cleansing aid, since it can eliminate uric acid from the body and also liquefies urate stones.

      Many things can cause intestinal problems like constipation. A diet rich in fat, stress or a lack of fiber in your diet. The most important thing is that you turn to a healthy help to alleviate this problem and effectively balance your digestive system.

      Novadiet Daxinova Recommended Daily Dose

      • Take 1 tablet before going to bed with water or fruit juice of the consumer's choice.
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