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Cisnova Plus - 60 vegetarian capsules

Cisnova Plus from Novadiet is a natural food supplement made from cranberries, which come in small capsules that help keep the urinary system free of harmful agents for its proper functioning. Cisnova Plus from Novadiet is recommended for its powerful antibacterial and microbial properties for treating urine disorders, especially cystitis.

      Live your day in complete harmony with nature by taking Cisnova Plus from Novadiet and all irritation and discomfort will come to an end!

      Many women are convinced and blindly believe in the healing properties of cranberry. So we bring to you Cisnova Plus from Novadiet, a food supplement made from 100% natural extracts of American cranberries.

      This component is recommended to prevent, fight, reduce, and eliminate annoying urination symptoms caused by urinary tract infections and Escherichia Coli bacteria that mostly affect most women for very obvious anatomical reasons, causing very uncomfortable and bothersome symptoms such as irritation and itching when urinating.

      Due to its powerful antibacterial and microbial properties, Cisnova Plus from Novadiet becomes an excellent ally in women´s health.

      Main characteristics of Cisnova Plus from Novadiet:

      • Comes in a very easy to carry container.
      • Due to its presentation and size, you can take it wherever you want.
      • Made from 100% natural ingredients, without chemical additives.
      • Helps with the specific treatment of urinary disorders.
      • Contains a high content of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
      • Prevents the reproduction of bacteria.
      • Prevents recurrence.
      • Prevents urinary infections.

      Composition of Cisnova Plus from Novadiet:

      Cisnova Plus from Novadiet comes in 60 capsules, in very soft and subdued colors that contrast with nature, allowing the showiness of intense blueberry color, the main ingredient in this formula.

      The American cranberry provides a range of properties and benefits for humans. It contains chemical acid that acidifies the urine, preventing infections and the formation of stones. It, at the same time, fights free radicals and is an excellent antioxidant to prevent the spread of bacteria in the urinary tract.

      Content per capsule of Cisnova Plus from Novadiet:

      • 280 mg of American cranberry.
      • 140 mg of proanthocyanidins (PAC), among other 100% natural ingredients.
      Benefits of Cisnova Plus from Novadiet:

      If you want to keep your urinary tract healthy and in good working order, avoid all kinds of discomfort and irritations that could be bothering your daily activities.

      Dare to try Cisnova Plus from Novadiet! It is a 100% natural food supplement that contains no chemical additives. Its main ingredient is the American cranberry, which has a high content of potassium, protein, antioxidant, with antibacterial properties that contribute to the proper functioning of the urinary system.

      Due to its multiple positive effects, Cisnova Plus from Novadiet becomes the ideal product in preventing frequent urinary infections. Given its comfortable presentation, you can take it wherever you want, in your bags or backpacks.

      Cisnova Plus from Novadiet is strongly recommended for men and women, as well as for the elderly according to specialist's instructions.

      Recommended daily dose of Cisnova Plus from Novadiet:

      • Take 1 capsule of Cisnova Plus from Novadiet in the morning with water or natural fruit concentrates.
      • Take Cisnova Plus from Novadiet whenever you want.
      • Take the recommended dose daily.
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