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Carbomag - 150 gr

Carbomag by Novadiet is a food supplement made from magnesium carbonate, a compound that has benefits that regulate health, especially intestinal transit. It is suitable to promote intestinal evacuation in children and adults alike. It does not cause stomach discomfort, favors the intestinal flora and removes gases from the digestive system.

      Carbomag from Novadiet will help you improve your intestinal transit in a natural and effective way. It also detoxifies and strengthens bones!

      Carbomag by Novadiet is an incredible magnesium carbonate food supplement, which has incredible properties that promote intestinal evacuation, improve the microbiota in the intestine and also help eliminate gas. It also encourages the elimination of fluid, so it can help you lose weight.

      What are the characteristics of Novadiet's Carbomag ?

      • Contains magnesium carbonate.
      • Promotes bowel movement.
      • It is suitable for children and adults.

      What does Novadiet's Carbomag contribute?

      Novadiet's Carbomag comes in a bottle containing 150 mg of magnesium carbonate.

      Each recommended dose of 2.5 g contributes 375 mg of active magnesium.

      What is achieved with Carbomag from Novadiet ?

      Carbomag by Novadiet concentrates the properties of magnesium carbonate, a compound that can relieve intestinal transit, improve evacuations and strengthen the intestinal microbiota. It also promotes the elimination of liquid and gases from the digestive system. This laxative has the advantage of not causing stomach discomfort, as is often the case with other laxative products. In addition to this, it helps eliminate toxins from the body, prevents acidity and strengthens bones with its contribution of magnesium. This product has an osmotic action that protects the gastric mucosa.

      If you have constipation problems, you should start with the relief that Carbomag de Novadiet can give you. You may find it difficult to go bodybuilding regularly, which is no small reason. In fact, it can be the source of numerous health problems. This can be motivated by a lack of fiber in the diet, or an insufficient amount of nutrients. Whatever the cause, you should start with a natural laxative that promotes healthy intestinal motility. Magnesium carbonate acts in an osmotic way, favoring the hydration of the stool, which improves its expulsion and does not damage the intestinal or gastric mucosa. That is why it is one of the best options to regulate your bowel movements.

      You can easily incorporate Novadiet Carbomag into your daily diet. It is an insipid substance that you can add to a juice of your choice, or you can sprinkle it on various foods. You can use it as your preferred laxative for constipation problems, since it does not cause stomach discomfort. It also does not cause ulcers since it has an excellent alkalinity. It is so healthy that it can be used by people of all ages. In other words, adults, children and the elderly can benefit from their virtues. It also promotes calm and relaxation, so if you consume it before going to sleep you can rest and have a peaceful sleep.

      Novadiet Carbomag Recommended Daily Dose

      • Dissolve 2.5 g (1 measure from your dispenser) in water, juice of your choice or with a meal.
      • Drink only 1 serving per day.
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