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Wormwood from Naturlider is an extraordinary supplement that puts at your fingertips all the natural properties that wormwood contains, a plant used for centuries as a medicinal plant to treat various types of health conditions, mainly digestive, liver, among others, in addition to be an extraordinary highly effective natural antibiotic; with which you will improve your health.

    Wormwood from Naturlider, a 100% natural supplement that offers you many benefits for your health and mainly for your digestive system.

    Wormwood is a herbaceous plant whose origins are traced to southern America, however, today it can be found in many other areas of the planet. This plant is recognized for its excellent properties that greatly promote health, helping in the correct functioning of different important body systems such as the digestive system, where it can offer extraordinary benefits, improving digestion, helping against acidity, parasites, and many other healthy features. Wormwood from Naturlider is a supplement made with dry wormwood of natural and ecological origin, ideal for you to prepare delicious infusions that will help you more directly to enjoy all its benefits. Naturlider Wormwood does not have any other ingredient, so it does not contain added sugars, gluten or artificial preservatives, which means that you will always have the security of consuming a safe and natural supplement, avoiding unpleasant side effects, but only taking advantage His properties.

    Main characteristics of NaturLíder Wormwood

    • It is a supplement from organic farming
    • Contains no artificial ingredients
    • Offers various health benefits
    • Helps improve digestion
    • It is an excellent natural antibiotic
    • It has excellent active ingredients
    • Contains no gluten or added sugars
    • Stimulates the digestive system
    • Helps against intestinal gas
    • Supports liver health
    • Promotes the secretion of bile juices
    • Helps against intestinal parasites
    • Stimulates the appetite
    • Helps with menstrual problems
    • Helps in joint and muscle health

    What does NaturLíder Wormwood contribute ?

    Naturlider absinthe is made with dry wormwood, mainly ideal for preparing delicious infusions that you can take whenever you want.

    Wormwood from Naturlider Wormwood is perfectly packaged to keep it always fresh, maintaining its properties. It does not contain any other ingredients or artificial components.

    Benefits of Wormwood from NaturLíder

    Wormwood from Naturlider is an excellent natural alternative to improve your health based on the natural and recognized properties of this plant, capable of helping your digestion, liver, muscles and other areas of your body, helping you to enjoy a better quality of life , healthier. It is very easy to prepare, ideal to enjoy a delicious infusion before going to sleep or during your moments of rest.

    Naturlider wormwood is ideal for people with digestive problems, such as intestinal gas, heavy digestions, people with intestinal parasites, or people with poor appetite. It is ideal for people looking to support their liver health. Perfect for those looking for a healthy and natural infusion.

    Recommended daily dose of Wormwood from NaturLíder

    • As an infusion, add a little in a cup and then put hot water and let it rest
    • Take whenever you want, preferably after a meal or before bed
    • Can be taken every day
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