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Memorlider - 30 capsules

Memorlider from Naturlider is a food supplement fortified with vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 that will help you increase your ability to focus and maintain attention in those moments in the ones that need your senses the most at their maximum capacity.

      Keep your concentration by taking Memorlider from Naturlider. Boost your brain power naturally!

      Memorlider from Naturlider is a wonderful product of plant origin, the main supplement of which is the dry extract of bacopa monnieri, a plant commonly used in traditional Indian medicine. It is used very successfully as a natural cognitive enhancer with vastly proven effects on brain health, primarily aiding long-term memory and learning ability in people.

      Memorlider from Naturlider also contains, among its ingredients, ginkgo biloba, a medicinal plant from China whose leaves are strongly recommended to treat brain disorders, improves memory and speeds up thought, among other benefits for the brain. Likewise, it has phosphatidylserine, a substance that is found in high concentrations in our brains and contributes to regulating neurotransmitters, preventing the aging of brain cells and stimulating the repair of brain damage. Memorlider from Naturlider, in addition, is powered with vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 which helps give you greater attention span, greater concentration and stimulates brain functions.


      What is Memorlider from Naturlider?

      • Boosts cognitive abilities.
      • Helps you stay focused .
      • Improves long-term memory.
      • Stimulates learning ability.
      • Increases the speed of thought.
      • Regulates the neurotransmitters.
      • Prevents aging of brain cells.
      • Repairs brain damage.
      • Increases attention span.
      • Stimulates brain functions.


      Composition of Memorlider from Naturlider:

      Memorlider from Naturlider food supplement comes in comfortable 30 vegetable capsules designed with a formula that guarantees the effectiveness of the product, and fortified with vitamin B12 and vitamin B6.

      Content per serving (1 capsule):

      • 450 mg of dry extract of bocopa monnieri.
      • 90 mg of dry extract of ginkgo.
      • 70 mg of phosphatidylserine.
      • 5 mg of huperzine a.
      • 1.59 mg of vitamin B6.
      • 2.5 mcg of vitamin B12.


      Benefits of Memorlider from Naturlider:

      Naturlider brand has designed Memorlider for your brain, a wonderful product that will help you maintain brain health in excellent condition. With its active components, your brain will be in optimal conditions to face challenges that come up on a daily basis. Daily intake of this amazing food supplement will strengthen and improve your brain abilities considerably. It will boost your concentration and help you focus more easily, notably stimulate your learning capacity, clarify your thoughts, successfully prevent premature aging of the brain cells, effectively improve your attention in periods of greatest need, and will be also effective in nourishing your intellect. Your brain is in charge of controlling all functions of your body, and vital organ responsible for keeping everything working. For that reason, take Memorlider from Naturlider, and boost your brain capacity naturally.

      This food supplement is ideal for all those people who want to improve their cognitive abilities, as well as improve their concentration, learning and many other functions of the brain.


      Recommended daily use of Memorlider from Naturlider:

      • Take one (1) capsule.
      • Take with a meal.
      • Take one (1) time a day.
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