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Balsamic numckatos - 250ml

Naturlider Balsamic Numckatos is a food supplement that combines the dry extract of Propolis with plant extracts well known for their benefits, it also contains honey, manganese and Vitamin C; The main purpose of this article is to counteract a dry cough.

      Naturlider Balsamic Numckatos, an effective relief against respiratory system ailments. A perfect ally especially during the winter.

      Naturlider Balsamic Numckatos is comfort and personal care, it is made from Propolis extract whose studies have shown its effectiveness and efficacy to protect the respiratory system and strengthen the immune system. Naturlider is a brand that has been consolidated thanks to the use of natural plants in the composition of its products, this time it brings together the best selection of them to treat dry and / or productive cough very efficiently.

      What is NaturLíder's Balsamic Numckatos ?

      • Food supplement in presentation of 250 ml per container.
      • Made from natural plants and honey.
      • Contains Vitamin C and Manganese.
      • Protects the respiratory system.
      • Counteracts a dry cough.
      • Effective relief against productive coughs.
      • It promotes the elimination of mucus.
      • Strengthens the immune system.

      What are the ingredients in Balsamic Numckatos ?

      Naturlider Balsamic Numckatos is a liquid syrup-type food supplement in a presentation of 250 ml per container for consumer convenience.

      Content per dose:

      • Contains 5.88 g of powdered honey.
      • It has 200 mg of Propolis dry extract.
      • It has 200 mg of fluid extract of Echinacea.
      • Contains 200 mg of Fluid Eucalyptus Extract.
      • It has 150 mg of fluid extract of Plantain.
      • It has 150 mg of fluid extract of Mallow.
      • Contains 150 mg of fluid extract of elderberry.
      • It has 150 mg of Thyme fluid extract.
      • It has 80 mg of ascorbic acid.
      • Contains 17.39 mg of Manganese Gluconate.

      What is NaturLíder's Balsamic Numckatos for ?

      Naturlider Balsamic Numckatos is the ideal complement during the winter months, as its action favors the respiratory system helping to avoid the discomfort that affects it.

      • Naturlider Balsamic Numckatos promotes the elimination of accumulated mucus, helps to treat dry and productive cough, strengthens the immune system and protects the health of the respiratory system in a natural way.
      • It is recommended for adolescents, and adults.
      • It is ideal for those who want to protect their health during the coldest months of the year, also for those who suffer from a problem that involves the respiratory system.

      Recommended daily dose of Balsamic Numckatos

      • As a food supplement, take 10 ml per dose.
      • Take the recommended dose three times a day.
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