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Pro Series Mass Gainer - 2.3 kg

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Pro Series Mass Gainer from Muscle Tech is a powerful, high-quality formula, developed for highly proficient athletes seeking to maximize the power of their workouts, in order to increase the size of their muscles, providing a combination convenient from high biological value proteins, clean carbohydrates and other nutrients to gain quality muscle mass.

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    Get to increase the size of your muscles in an incredible way with Pro Series Mass Gainer from Muscle Tech, a product that will also increase strength and power during workouts.

    Pro Series Mass Gainer from Muscle Tech is an extraordinary dietary supplement specially made for highly proficient athletes who are looking to increase the power of their workouts and win quality muscle mass in no time, as it is packed with ingredients that produce healthy muscles, such as creatine which promotes muscle growth in a proven way. It also has fast-digesting carbohydrates, with a multi-phase protein system that provides critical amino acids for the body, offering quick recovery after workouts. Among these amino acids are BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine), nutrients that help increase muscle protein synthesis after the most difficult workouts. This product also improves strength and physical performance, since as previously mentioned, it provides a researched and ideal amount of creatine, which helps to replenish ATP reserves, improve performance, increase strength and develop even more muscle mass.

    Facts of Pro Series Mass Gainer from Muscle Tech:

    • Product indicated to help gain mass muscle.
    • Maximizes training power.
    • Increases strength and endurance.
    • Made of high biological value proteins.
    • Promotes muscle growth.
    • Contains key amino acids for muscle development.
    • Provides a quick recovery.
    • Helps to replenish ATP reserves.
    • Quickly absorbed and easy to consume.
    • Comes in a delicious flavor.


    Ingredients and format of Pro Series Mass Gainer from Muscle Tech:

    This fantastic dietary supplement comes in a powder presentation, for an easier intake. It is also easily absorbed in the body providing its benefits effectively. Likewise, it guarantees a high standard of quality and purity. It was tested and checked by an external laboratory, making it a more effective, reliable and safe product to consume.

    Content per serving (6 tablespoons / 359 g, blended with 16 oz of cold water), these values ​​vary according to the liquid with which it is blended:

    • 1330 Kcal of energies.
    • 4.5 g of fats, of which 2.5 g are saturated fats.
    • 278 g of carbohydrates, of which 3 g are dietary fiber and 15 g are sugars.
    • 44 g of protein.
    • 7.2 g of l-glutamine.
    • 5 g of creatine monohydrate.
    • 4.9 g of leucine, 2.7 g of isoleucine and 2.6 g of valine, among other ingredients.


    What is Pro Series Mass Gainer from Muscle Tech taken for?

    Its spectacular formula provides a guaranteed increase in muscle mass, helping you to perform well even more during high-intensity workouts, contributing to increasing strength and energy, taking your workout to a much higher level, which is essential for you to reach your goals quickly.

    It is ideal for highly proficient athletes who seek to increase your muscles and improve your performance, like bodybuilders and weight lifters. It is a formula that also supports a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.


    How to take Pro Series Mass Gainer from Muscle Tech?

    • Blend six (6) tablespoons (359 g) with 16 oz of cold water or skim milk.
    • Take between main meals or after workouts.
    • Take the dose daily.

    Customer reviews: Pro Series Mass Gainer - 2.3 kg

    17 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    super good, very powerful, I have gained 3 kilos in 4 weeks, without a doubt I will repeat the procedure a few more times
    the mythical oldest mass gainer of the ancient age of bodybuilding supplement that revolutionized supplementation
    I have been using this mass gainer for 3 months and I only have good words for him, I have gained 6 kg and I am very happy
    very good product of the most complete to what weight gainers correspond to is not expensive for what it is
    The ratio of carbohydrates and sugars is very correct, along with a large protein intake. I liked it a lot.
    the best weight gainer in the world, there is no better brand than muscle tech and when it comes to gaining weight this is one of the best winning protests
    I don't usually use weight gainers or mass gainer a lot, I'm more protein and amino acids, but I've been losing weight and muscle mass for a while because of stress and work, I bought this muscletech brand winner because I know it for a long time and your products give me a lot of confidence.
    I have gained several kilos after a month of taking it, I usually put it between meals with milk and it is not heavy to digest.
    Very good product for those who find it difficult to gain muscle mass and from a very good brand such as muscletech
    Good and complete formula to put calories in the diet and gain weight, I mix it with milk and a super creamy shake comes out and it is not heavy to digest.
    I have gained five kilos already taking a couple of shakes of this weight gainer, I take it in the morning and after training.
    It is very good and I see it quite balanced in its macros. It may feel a bit heavy, especially if you mix it with some milk, but it works well.
    one of the best gainers on the market I did not expect less from the muscletech brand, recommended
    Good gainer, I usually use it a lot in winter, especially in volume stages with the diet
    I have been taking it for several weeks and I have already taken a couple of kg, you can see the quality of the brand, I will continue to buy it until I achieve the goal I am looking for.
    I have been using this product for two months and it is giving me very good results when it comes to gaining weight.
    I decided to take this one because of its low sugar content in order to achieve a controlled volume.
    Questions and answers
    Please answer me. I bought exactly the same gainer. To get the protein and calories listed on the product, I need to put 6 scoops, which seems absurdly large to me. Until now, I only drank 100 grams of muscle tech protein and I got 30 proteins because it was 30 per 100 grams, and this product provides 44 proteins if we get 357g, which is 6 servings. I don't see how it would benefit me to drink it in this case if I only get 100g when it will give me much less protein. i have Gerd stomach problem so 6 scoop looks very trigger for me.
    2023-03-25 04:03:51 Luka
    Hello Luka, keep in mind that the function of a gainer is to provide extra calories to the diet. The dose recommended by the manufacturer is somewhat indicative and should be adjusted to the diet and objective of each person. I recommend that based on the nutrients it provides per 100 grams, you adjust the intake of the product with your client to reach the daily requirements. greetings
    2023-03-25 11:21:53 Jose Antonio
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    Is there a scoop inside? And are the directions serious 6 scoops for one serving? And only 44 G protein without milk? Very disappointed.
    2022-02-14 16:32:46 Jeff
    hola jeff te recomiendo una toma que es un 1 scoop entero en cada batido preferiblemente con leche,gracias y un saludo
    2022-02-14 17:01:56 SALVA VALENCIA
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    Hola tengo una duda cuantos escoops me recomiendas tengo 28 años peso 62 kilos mido 1.70 y mi meta es subir porlomenos a 70 kilos mecuestra mucho trabajo subir de peso
    2022-11-14 04:22:52 Jesus
    Buenos días,usa un sólo scoop por batido e intenta hacer dos tomas al día,uno después de entrenar por ejemplo y otro en la mañana.
    2022-11-14 09:27:16 CRISTOBAL
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