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Platinum caffeine 220mg - 125 tablets

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Muscletech Platinum Caffeine is a caffeine supplement, ready to give you a powerful energy boost. It is a powerful and concentrated supplement, with 100% caffeine, that will also increase your level of concentration and your mental focus. Train hard with this quick vitality clean. Know the end of fatigue and tiredness.

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    Muscletech Platinum Caffeine is a powerful and fast source of energy. Eliminate fatigue and train using all your power! Also turn on your brain power!

    Platinum Caffeine from Muscletech is the supplement you need to get energy immediately. Each tablet contains 100% caffeine without additives or additives of any kind. Maximize your workout at the gym and immediately fight any signs of fatigue so you can exercise a little more.

    What are the characteristics of Platinum Caffeine from Muscletech ?

    • Each tablet contains 100% caffeine, without additives or additives.
    • Provides a quick push of energy.
    • It also improves attention and mental focus.

    Muscletech Platinum Caffeine Ingredients and Format

    Each capsule contributes 220 mg of caffeine, without additives or additives of any kind.

    Muscletech Platinum Caffeine Benefits

    Platinum Caffeine from Muscletech is a supplement that will provide you with all the energy power of caffeine. Get a powerful boost of energy quickly for increased capacity during your workout. It will help you make the most of your time during your training, providing you with a superior level of energy and a truly unmatched performance. Only these tablets will give you the burst of energy you must have to perform with maximum power and vitality. It will also provide you with a higher level of attention, which you also need to exercise with the best results.

    You will have an incomparable performance with Platinum Caffeine from Muscletech. Caffeine provides a powerful ergogenic effect in the body. In other words, it promotes the production of energy and more vitality. Its presence in the body reduces feelings of fatigue, since it ignites the state of alert in the central nervous system. This is of great help at the muscular level, allowing you to do more repetitions in bodybuilding disciplines. When aerobic sports are practiced, this translates into more vitality to prolong the training, being able to run even faster.

    If you want to lose weight, you will also have an ally in Platinum Caffeine. Caffeine also has a thermogenic effect on body fats. In other words, it stimulates the elimination of lipids through body heat, since it promotes their burning, with the due increase in the expenditure of calories.

    Therefore, this supplement is what you need to obtain a higher level of energy quickly and effectively. Caffeine will increase your performance, increasing your physical vitality. It will also stimulate your attention and your ability to concentrate during exercise. In addition to this, it offers you a fat-burning effect that will help you reduce excess weight and thus increase your muscle tissues.

    How is Platinum Caffeine taken?

    • Begin by taking 1/2 tablet with a glass of water to measure tolerance.
    • Once verified, consume 1 to 2 tablets per day.
    • Do not exceed the recommended dose.

    Customer reviews: Platinum caffeine 220mg - 125 tablets

    24 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    Good shot of caffeine, it is noticeable after a few minutes and makes your training more intense, good purchase
    very strong, I could not control it, it is very powerful, I had to chop the pill into 3 pieces and it still felt very strong
    For me it is the right dose of caffeine, that's why I buy the one from muscletech. It activates me what is necessary without getting on my nerves
    It is one of the few brands that I trust given its extensive experience in the sector and, in this case, caffeine works very well for me, in addition to having a dose per capsule slightly higher than others.
    if you want a caffeine to keep you alert and above all to give you the energy you need, this is fine
    They are the pure caffeine capsules that I have found with the highest dosage, they come with more than 200 and it shows.
    A fairly good dose of pure caffeine per capsule and priced under the Muscletech brand is affordable.
    super strong, as pre-training they are luxurious, it is quite strong to start the day I do not recommend it so much
    You can see that extra energy and activation with the use of this supplement, I take it on soccer game days and I am quite happy with the results.
    It is more powerful than caffeine from other manufacturers, it has 220mg per capsule. Good and correct price
    Good dose of caffeine per shot, quite a good price for this brand, I use it before aerobic training.
    It works great, I take 1 caffeine capsule with two AAKG capsules half an hour before training and I feel good
    caffeine is the stimulant king to make your workouts a piece of cake I like the mythical brand of muscletech
    Very good product, an essential for my workouts, I have been consuming only caffeine for a long time and it works great
    For me, caffeine is essential in my daily supplementation and at the moment it is giving me good results.
    I take it on an empty stomach before cardio, full energy to be able to train for my hour and a half of running.
    a very good quality caffeine the truth is that I like the caffeine stimulant to train
    undoubtedly more than essential to drink caffeine to be alert and especially to use it as a good pre workout
    One of the caffeines that I definitely always put in my pre-workouts to go with more energy to my workouts.
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    Hola es cafeina anhidra? Gracias
    2020-02-29 22:51:38 Gus
    Hola es cafeína anhidra. Un saludo
    2020-03-03 07:40:42 Jose
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