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Nitro Tech Whey Protein - 2 Lb

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Isolated serum + lean muscle mass Builder! Nitro-Tech Performance Series It is a scientifically developed formula of isolated from serum and a muscle Builder designed for all athletes who are looking to get more muscle, more power and better performance.

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  • Size per dose
    Size per dose
    35.0 36.0 37.0 One service
  • What do you take it for?
    What do you take it for?
    Gaining muscle mass and strength Recuperacion y desarrollo muscular
  • How is it taken?
    How is it taken?
    Dissolve in liquid and mix
  • How many times?
    How many times?
    Once or twice a day
  • When should it be taken?
    When should it be taken?
    On an empty stomach and after training
  • Usos
    Gain muscle mass

Nitro-Tech Performance Series

Isolated serum + lean muscle mass Builder!

Nitro-Tech Performance Series It is a scientifically developed formula of isolated from serum and a muscle Builder designed for all athletes who are looking to get more muscle, more power and better performance. Nitro-Tech contains protein, mainly serum and it has also improved with the most studied form of creatine for faster gains in mass and and muscle strength.


Build more lean muscle than a regular whey protein

Investigations carried out and published in a scientific journal shows that subjects who used the basic formula of Nitro-Tech He won six weeks compared with the subjects who used a regular whey protein, which increased only 2, 3 kg 4 kg of muscle mass.

Fast delivery of post-workout amino acids

In addition to its key ingredients of muscle building, Nitro-Tech It is the first protein contain three amino acids in free form key (alanine, glycine and taurine) and is designed to provide essential amino acids and proteinogenos (building proteins) that are quickly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, which helps in the repair of muscle and cell growth and makes that Nitro-Tech Performance Series is the perfect choice for a fast delivery of amino acids after training.

Alanine is second amino acid most widely used in the synthesis of proteins, after the Leucine, and is the first amino acid in the production of usable glucose during intense training. Experts believe that supplementation with alanine after exercise can help combat muscle breakdown and promote protein synthesis.

Glycine is an amino acid that has been playing a key role in the formation of many other biological compounds in the body, such as protein and creatine, and also favours cell bulking. Taurine is the second most abundant in the muscle amino acid and also power the cell bulking.

It generates more brawn than a regular whey protein

Each level measuring of Nitro-Tech contains an optimal dose tested by research (3 grams) of Creatine monohydrate. Combined in Nitro-Tech protein whey and creatine builds stronger than a regular whey protein. In one study, subjects who used the combination of whey and creatine in Nitro-Tech increased its single repetition maximum bench press in 15 kg, compared with only 6 kg for subjects who consumed a normal serum protein.

Ultra-clean protein formula

A single small saucepan of Nitro-Tech Performance Series It contains 30 grams of protein, mainly isolated from whey protein, ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate and isolated hydrolyzed whey protein, with no more than 1 gram of carbohydrates and 1.5 grams of fat! The majority of protein powder delivered significantly less protein by level measuring, while some forms of protein are laden with fats and carbohydrates. Whey protein in Nitro-Tech It has been filtered using multi-stage filtration technology to get a formula with less fat, lactose and impurities than other cheaper sources of protein.

Nitro-Tech Performance Series the construction formula of lean muscle mass with isolated from whey protein more efficient and complete of the market that prororciona is the best results in development of size, strength and muscle performance.


Directions: Mix 1 serving (1 small saucepan) with 120 - 180 ml or mix 2 servings (2 scoops) 240 - 350 ml cold water or milk in a glass or shaker. Eating between meals and after training. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. For best results, consume 4 scoops per day for a minimum of six weeks.

Supplement Facts per serving
Serving size: 1 level measuring (36 g)
Servings per container: 25 / 50
per serving

calories from fat
Fat total
saturated fat
Trans fats
Total carbohydrate
Matrix Super Amino Strength ?
Creatine monohydrate
l-alanine (as L-alanine, isolated from whey protein and whey protein concentrate)
glycine (as the glycine, whey protein isolated and concentrated whey protein)
Enzyplex ?

140 kcal
15 kcal
1.5 g
0.5 g
0 g
30 mg
1 g
1 g
30 g
100 mg
160 mg

3 g
2 g
1 g
1 g

50 mg
50 mg


Other ingredients: Isolated whey protein (providing isolated from whey protein and hydrolyzed protein isolated), matrix proteins and amino acids (concentrated whey protein [ultrafiltered], L-valine, L-Leucine, l-isoleucine, L-glutamine), natural and artificial, chunks of cookie flavors of chocolate-filled cream (enriched flour [wheat flour[, niacin, reduced iron, mononitrate of thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid], high oleic canola oil and/or Palm oil and/or soybean oil, alkalized cocoa, corn syrup rich in fructose, corn starch, agent of fermentation [bicarbonate of sodium and/or calcium phosphate], salt, mix of gums (cellulose gum(, xanthan gum, carrageenan), soy lecithin, acesulfame potassium, sucralose.

Customer reviews: Nitro Tech Whey Protein - 2 Lb

32 Reviews
5 stars
4 stars
2 stars
one of the best-selling proteins on the market, the truth is that I did not expect anything less from muscletech
The best prote on the market, to gain mass it is the one that works best for me, with a small saucepan on training day, I get like a titan.
Very good quality protein and very good results in order to recover well. The chocolate flavor has also convinced me quite a bit.
Without a doubt, this protein is exquisite and it dissolves well and I understand that it sells a lot!!!
My favorite protein supplement, it tastes good, dissolves well and helps me recover and increase muscle mass.
the best protein on the market both in flavor and in dissolution as well as in quality, thanks
Very good quality, the vanilla flavor has a spectacular taste and is an essential post workout
it is undoubtedly one of the best whey protein in particular whey concentrate and muscletech is a legendary brand
Very good protein, I am used to buying muscle tech and this small format is ideal for changing flavors
The protein that has given me the best results in terms of size and strength, without a doubt, it mixes well and the flavor is good.
super good, one of the best protests in the world ever, most formulated for like 30 years, super effective
super good, one of the best protests in the world ever, most formulated for like 30 years, super effective
very good prote, one of the best of all time, I have used it more than 20 times over 10 years
The mix it brings is very good and it shows in muscle tone and in each workout, very happy and a guaranteed purchase from now on.
It enters the stomach easily. Recommended if you are looking for a protein of medium quality and good taste.
It is the one that suits me best by far and with which I develop the best muscle tone, great product, I recommend it.
The best protein I have tasted for taste and texture. I have seen results before with others, I am sure that by including creatine, you save it separately.
My favorite protein, the most powerful with creatine 10, the devil that is more noticeable than ed bull when training.
the mixed protein par excellence the truth is that it is the best protein that I feel and of very good assimilation and absorption
Questions and answers
Hay alguna contradicción en este producto , llevo mucho entrenando y tomo proteínas a diario ,¿ tiene algún componente que acelere el ritmo cardíaco?
2022-12-29 23:50:26 Isabel
Hola Isabel, esta proteína no lleva ninguna sustancia estimulante que acelere el ritmo cardíaco. Saludos
2022-12-30 10:55:59 Jose Antonio
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Hola buenas pueden subir la información nutricional y ingredientes para el sabor de chocolate por favor? Gracias
2022-05-26 06:17:59 Emilio
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Mido 1.80 y peso 77 kg. Voy al gimnasio 3 veces por semana una horita.seria mejor empezar a tomar esta proteína de nitró tech o empezar con un gainer como Kong gainer y luego después empezar con nitro tech.gracias
2017-01-11 20:59:16 oscar
Hola Oscar depende del objetivo que tenga sería recomendable un producto u otro,para ayudarle mejor tenemos un chat en directo desde la web donde podrás consultarnos ese tipo de dudas y te ayudaremos encantado para que cumpla con su objetivo. Un saludo.
2017-01-12 11:09:43 Beltran
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Hola, Hasta ahora he estado tomando una IsoPro,llevo casi un año,está bien que me pase a la Nitro Tech Performarce? Que diferencia hay entre una y otra? Gracias!

2014-03-23 10:42:51 Fire

Hola, este producto ademas de proteinas esta reforzado con una matriz de aminoacidos, creatinas y enzimas digestivas. Saludos.

2014-03-23 10:42:51 Edgar Morilla - MM Team
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