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Mass Tech Extreme 2000 - 10kg

Mass Tech Extreme 2000 from MuscleTech is an advanced protein formula designed to deliver lean muscle gain quickly. In addition, its combination of protein, amino acids, creatine, vitamins and calories is exactly what you need to boost your muscles' growth and have a fitness magazine body.

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    Mass Tech Extreme 2000 from MuscleTech, proteins and nutrients of the highest quality for optimum muscle growth.

    Mass Tech Extreme 2000 from MuscleTech is a powerful sports supplement of advanced formula, designed especially for people or sportsmen who want to accelerate the growth of muscle mass immediately. A dose mixed with 200 ml of skim milk is the perfect food to give your body 80 grams of protein, 400 grams of carbohydrates, 2000 calories for added energy, 8 grams of L-leucine, 10 grams of creatine and a complex multivitamin for better effects in the gym.

    By dramatically improving muscle response, Mass Tech Extreme 2000 from MuscleTech will dramatically improve your physical performance, allowing you to perform high-intensity and increasing-intensity exercises to maximize your muscles. 

    Usually there are supplements that offer the same ingredients but in separate presentations, the good news is that Mass Tech Extreme 2000 from MuscleTech combines all those you need for proper sports performance. Other qualities of this potent product is that it supplies 12.7 g of BCAA and 8 g of L-leucine which are essential amino acids for rapid assimilation of proteins.

    Normally, the body produces them by itself but the amount is not enough for the results that are sought or are simply used for other vital functions, so a dose of Mass Tech Extreme 2000 from MuscleTech is the ideal complement to give the body that extra nutrient it requires to maximize muscle development as well as athletic performance. Each shake you prepare, either before or after training, contains a dose of 10 grams of creatine and 80 grams of the highest quality protein, which are essential nutrients to increase strength, promote recovery and further sculpt the outline of your body. 

    Facts of Mass Tech Extreme 2000 from MuscleTech

    • Advanced formula to accelerate muscle growth
    • Contains proteins, carbohydrates, calories, creatine, amino acids and vitamins for better positive effects
    • Accelerate post-workout muscle regeneration and recovery
    • Partially inhibits the production of lactic acid, avoiding muscle fatigue
    • Improves protein synthesis in the body
    • Prevents muscle catabolism

    MuscleTech develops the most advanced and effective dietary supplements in the world, for this reason, every athlete or fitness lover who wants to achieve their goals and enhance their performance must incorporate a serving of Mass Tech Extreme 2000, is the healthiest and most immediate way to increase your muscle volume. 

    Recommended Use: Dilute one dose (6 tablespoons) of the product to 500ml of water or skimmed milk, to be consumed before and after training.

    Questions and answers
    esta proteína se puede usar para definición y con que la puedo con bina tengo 73 kilo de peso
    2020-01-20 20:27:22 argenis
    Hola para tonificar lo mejor sería una proteína limpia sin carbohidratos, pero se podría tomar dependiendo de su dieta, lo importante son las calorías ingeridas al final del día. Un saludo
    2020-01-21 10:41:34 Jose
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    Che dosis se toma....?
    2019-12-16 10:30:11 Alins
    Hola depende del peso de la persona y objetivos, para poder ayudarle mejor tenemos un chat en al web donde nos puede consultar de manera directa. Un saludo
    2019-12-16 10:45:44 Jose
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