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Hydroxycut hardcore super elite - 100 capsules

9/10 46

Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite by Muscletech is a dietary supplement in capsules based on a combination of green coffee extract, Zymamite (patented mango extract), alpha lipoic acid, grains of paradise and other natural ingredients.

      Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite by Muscletech

      Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite by Muscletech is a dietary supplement in capsules made from a natural and synergistic blend that includes green coffee extract, caffeine, patented mango extract (Zynamite), alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and grains of paradise.

      On the other hand, these capsules are easy to take, are quickly absorbed and do not contain chemicals.

      Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite Features

      • Food supplement based on 100% natural ingredients
      • Recommended for adults
      • Ideal for athletes

      What does Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite provide?

      Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite from Muscletech comes in a container with 100 dietary supplement capsules.

      Specifications per dose (2 capsules):

      • Has 0.3 mg of thiamine
      • It has 100 mg of choline
      • Has 200mg of anhydrous caffeine
      • It has 249 mg of choline bitartrate
      • Has 200 mg of green coffee extract
      • It has 200 mg of ALA (alpha lipoic acid)
      • Has 100 mg of Zynamite (standardized extract of mango leaves)
      • It has 20 mg of extract of grains of paradise, among other natural ingredients

      Recommended Daily Dose of Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite

      Take 1 capsule 2 times a day

      Customer reviews: Hydroxycut hardcore super elite - 100 capsules

      46 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      3 stars
      2 stars
      very good, energizing, it helps to lose weight, it has helped me to go to the gym with more desire and I really feel that I am sweating all the time
      110 Cápsulas
      It works very well, although perhaps I have noticed better effects with the traditional one. However, I liked it.
      100 capsules
      Similar effects to the classic hydroxycut, perhaps I have noticed a little more excitement. I like it, like the other.
      100 capsules
      Hydroxycut Hardcore is the thermogenic that gives me the most energy, I see myself training like an animal so I lose weight well
      110 Cápsulas
      one of the best burners in the world, every time I enter the definition stage I use it, I have been using it for several years faithfully, very effective
      110 Cápsulas
      By far one of the most powerful and complete thermogenics on the market. I am using it and the improvements are very good.
      100 capsules
      Themogenic of the good ones, a good stimulus is noted in the training and since you sweat much more
      100 capsules
      one of the most famous fat burners on the market and that really works muscletech is a very good brand
      110 Cápsulas
      Powerful thermogenic that has helped me lose excess fat in the summer, I recommend it, but I will try another.
      110 Cápsulas
      one of the most powerful and famous fat burners on the market and the truth is that it works yes or yes
      110 Cápsulas
      I think the classic product is better, I notice the effects on fat burning much more.
      100 capsules
      It never fails and its results are always outstanding. Always a safe and effective purchase.
      110 Cápsulas
      I just finished the bottle, I notice the effect of fat burning and energy and the truth that the capsules are easy to take.
      110 Cápsulas
      The best thermogenic I have tried so far. I notice how it activates me and I burn more, especially during training
      110 Cápsulas
      very effective, this is one of the best known and most efficient burners that exist, it always gives good results
      110 Cápsulas
      One of the best I have taken, the intake of two capsules being very comfortable. Active enough not to get upset, perform well, and sweat a lot.
      110 Cápsulas
      The one that has worked best for me and the best results I have seen in a short time, I fully recommend it.
      110 Cápsulas
      Very good fat burner from the muscletech brand and at a very good price, I take it a couple of times a day, on an empty stomach and before training.
      110 Cápsulas
      without a doubt one of the most famous and effective fat burners in the field of supplementation a 10 !!!
      110 Cápsulas
      I always used this fat burner, they were improving and changing the formula and always giving good results. Totally recommended.
      110 Cápsulas
      Questions and answers
      ¿En cuáles pacientes esta contraindicado el Hidroxicut?
      2023-08-11 13:52:37 Aurora
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      Buenos días cómo recomendarías tomar el producto, Yo entreno por la mañana con el preentreno del último pedido, ¿como lo uso con este? Lo tomo antes de las comidas o entre medias ?
      2023-04-28 15:09:32 Luis
      Hola Luís, se recomiendo tomar Hydroxycut al levantarse o antes de entrenar, si ya estas usando pre-entreno lo puedes tomar a primero hora de la tarde teniendo en cuenta que es estimulante y que no te afecte para el sueño. Saludos
      2023-04-28 17:03:45 Jose Antonio
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