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Mundo Natural is a company specialized in the production of nutritional supplements for Nutricosmetics and Phytotherapy. Since its inception, it has applied a development philosophy committed to health, which is reflected in its products, aimed at promoting well-being through healthy ingredients, through great bioavailability.

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Calm-plus - 90 capsules
Calm-plus - 90 capsulesAnti-Stress
Calm-Plus from Mundo Natural is a 100% natural food supplement whose formula is made mainly...
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Inmunoplus - 60 capsules
Immunoplus - 60 capsulesImmunological System
Immunoplus from Mundo Natural is a food supplement made from a rich dose of colostrum,...
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Simbioline megaflora - 60 capsules
Simbioline Megaflora - 60 capsulesDigestive
Simbioline Megaflora from Mundo Natural is an incredible dietary supplement specially made to...
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Artifin - 60 capsules
Artifin - 60 capsulesAdvanced Joint health tablets
Artifin from Mundo Natural is an extraordinary product of natural origin, designed to improve...
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Oleomega 7 - 120 softgels
Oleomega-7 - 120 softgelsOmega 3
Oleomega-7 from Mundo Natural is a food supplement that provides vitamin A and sea buckthorn...
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Varifin - 60 capsules
Varifin - 60 capsulesCirculatory System
Varifin from Mundo Natural is a supplement prepared with natural constituents such as extracts...
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Colacell - 330g
Colacell - 330gAdvanced Joint health tablets
Collacell from Mundonatural is a food supplement that provides hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic...
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Gastroplus - 20 vials
GastroPlus - 20 vialsDigestive
GastroPlus from Mundo Natural is a food supplement made from aloe vera, a plant that has...
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Tendiplus - 90 capsules
Tendiplus - 90 capsulesAdvanced Joint health tablets
Tendiplus from Mundo Natural is a food supplement specially made from magnesium bisglycinate,...
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Colacell - 30 sachets
Colacell - 30 sachetsCollagen
Colacell from Mundo Natural is a dietary supplement that contains pure hydrolyzed collagen,...
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Mundo Natural is an advanced company focused on providing natural options for people who value the virtues of effective ingredients that favor the body's own capabilities. All processes, from the most basic design to production, are carried out using state-of-the-art technology that results in high-quality supplements.

These technologies also influence the way the raw materials are obtained, and also improve the concentration of the formulas they make for specific purposes. Products with a high level of bioavailability are obtained, which provides safe, reliable and fast results.

In Mundo Natural , ingredients that have high quality certification are used. Its production facilities also have the GMP qualification, which accounts for its good manufacturing practices. All its production stages also respect the regulations in force in the European Union and in the United States, together with the corresponding commercial authorization that governs in Spain.

All this is currently reflected in its very wide catalog of natural products that include food supplements intended especially for the digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems, in addition to having supplements that benefit circulation, bones and joints, the immune system and the hair, among other purposes.

Mundo Natural also offers products aimed at improving nutrition, and contributes cosmetics with effective properties for skin care. These are made up of oils and creams intended for key parts of the body such as the eyes, hands, to treat cellulite or to reduce the signs of the passage of time.

Its official website is also an information channel with a large amount of news and very useful information for people who value a natural lifestyle. They also maintain active communication in traditional media, and in all their social networks.

Mundo Natural continues to carry out a continuous effort aimed at providing the public with healthy products that help them in various stages and situations of life. They know it's time to change the way products are brought to market. It upholds its goals of helping people have the best possible quality of life.

Due to this, they resort to natural components, obtained through advanced technology that preserves their properties, which is vital for the realization of effective and quality supplements. These can promote the health of all types of people, who wish to access a better lifestyle, with more energy and vitality, removing the possibility of suffering any type of health alteration.

Mundo Natural , beauty & health, is a symbol of dynamism, commitment and responsibility, at the service of people willing to live longer and better.