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Spirulina - 90 capsules

Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition is a food supplement with a great content of excellent high-quality proteins and other valuable components with 100% stimulating, cleansing and regenerating properties.

Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition contains chlorophyll, proteins with high biological value, vitamins, main minerals, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids (DNA and RDN), polysaccharides and an endless spectrum of antioxidants. Furthermore, as it provides all important essential amino acids, we are talking about a complete protein.

      Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition is widely used as a dietary supplement by athletes and people interested in losing weight.

      Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition remarkably strengthens immunity, properly increases the production of antibodies and cytokines, including interferons and interleukins, develops a greater protection from viruses and microbes in each intake, and also improves your immune system.

      Due to its high provitamin A and zeaxanthin content, both responsible for ocular function, they are attributed beneficial properties to improve eyesight in cases of macular degeneration or night blindness.

      Nutrition facts of Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition:

      • Proteins: Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition has a higher content of proteins than other supplements, thus providing your body with 65% of proteins.
      • Easy digestion: spirulina is cellulose-free, making it easier to take, even for people with poor intestinal absorption.
      • Lipids: essential fatty acids provide an important proportion in the spirulina composition.
      • Minerals: spirulina has a relevant amount of potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese, selenium, iron and phosphorus.
      • Vitamins: spirulina contains a high amount of several vitamins such as vitamin E and other elements that stand out for their antioxidant properties, beta-carotene and all vitamins of group B.
      • Pigments: Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition has high content of pigments that could provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
      • High content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

      Components of Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition:

      Among its ingredients, we can find the following:

      • Spirulina.

      What is achieved by taking Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition?

      In possible states of anemia, this food supplement increases hemoglobin, adequately improves the quality of blood and enhances the production of red blood cells, thanks to its high iron richness. Its high concentration of chlorophyll and its content of phycocyanin, a blue pigment that helps induce the production of stem cells in the bone marrow.

      Due to its high and important protein content, B vitamins and minerals such as zinc, and hair cells are nourished and stabilized with each intake of this food supplement, which provides it with a stronger and brighter appearance.

      Essential fatty acids help improve blood circulation and avoid falling. The same is true for nails and skin. Its rich composition of easily absorbed proteins and antioxidants is a very useful benefit for athletes to recover after high-intensity workouts.

      The high calcium and magnesium content of Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition helps to reduce possible cramps. In addition, Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition has compounds that are immuno-stimulants such as inulin and phycocyanin, that is why its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-tumor properties have been proved.

      The algae this amazing and excellent Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition has been developed could also have an important role in treating neurological disorders and arthritis.

      Recommended daily dose of Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition:

      • Take one (1) capsule of Spirulina from MTX Elite Nutrition should be taken daily with food.
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