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Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition is a food supplement based on hydrolyzed whey protein and enriched with l-glutamine. Due to its high percentage of protein, it works immediately after your workouts, ensuring speedy development of muscle mass and body fat burn.

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    Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition protects you during your workouts and provides you with much more energy and muscle strength.

    During high-intensity workouts our body needs as much protein as possible, in order to achieve effective performance and also the proposed objectives. Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition contains whey protein from hydrolyzed milk, which is fast digesting and has a very high absorption. It is developed with latest technology so as to achieve an improved form of protein that especially favors those people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.

    It substantially improves muscle recovery and speeds up the development of muscle mass. L-glutamine allows the normal functioning of the immune system during workouts hours, increases your endurance and scales down the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue, wipes out muscle lactic acid which is one of the main causes of the appearance of fatigue and also increases the formation of tissue and muscle mass. It also favors brain function, improves memory, concentration, and alertness, and also helps to improve your mood.

    Regular intake of Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition favors people over 40 years old who tend to lose muscle mass due to their age thanks to its high protein content.

    What is Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition?

    • Made from high-quality hydrolyzed whey protein.
    • Enriched with l-glutamine (kiowa).
    • Fast action.
    • Strengthens the immune system and increases energy.
    • Supports muscular development and endurance.
    • Supports physical activity during training by delaying fatigue and tiredness.
    • Gluten-free.
    • Lactose-free.

    L-Glutamine is one of the most important nutrients for a healthy digestive tract because of its ability to maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall. This amino acid (in fact it is the most abundant amino acid in the body) heals all tissue in the body, especially those irritated tissues in the digestive tract.

    Composition of Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition:

    Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition is a powdered food supplement made from the latest technology that favors a very fast digestion and absorption. It promotes muscle development and comes in a 2 kg bottle that facilitates its use, and also provides a delicious chocolate and coconut flavor. Each dose provides 4500 mg of l-glutamine (KIOWAS).

    Content per dose (40 g):

    • 634 Kj / 152 Kcal of energy.
    • 2.79 g of fat, of which 2.72 g are saturated fatty acids.
    • 0.38 g of carbohydrates, of which 0.14 g are sugars.
    • 32.05 g of protein.
    • 0.10 g of salt.
    • Contains no dietary fiber.

    Benefits of Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition:

    Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition is a food and sports supplement perfect for the development of muscle mass. It is made from latest technology to extract the best hydrolyzed whey protein on the market. It facilitates digestion and absorption especially in people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.

    Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition is suitable to promote the development of body mass.

    Recommended daily dose of Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition:

    • As a food supplement, prepare 40 g.
    • Dissolve in 250 ml of water.
    • Take once a day, preferably after your workouts.
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