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Guarana from MTX Elite Nutrition is a food supplement made from dry extracts of guarana seeds, it provides natural caffeine to the body to increase alertness, acts as a stimulant of the nervous and cardiovascular system, has invigorating, diuretic, anti-neuralgic properties and helps accelerate the burning of body fat, promoting weight loss.

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    Guarana from MTX Elite Nutrition helps you naturally lose weight quickly and stay active throughout the day!

    Guarana from MTX Elite Nutrition takes advantage of the properties of the guarana fruit, to satisfy your energy needs in a healthy and natural way, it stimulates the metabolism of fats allowing you to burn calories when you are at rest, thus becoming the perfect ally when needed. lose weight, it is rich in theobromine and theophylline, substances that stimulate the central nervous system, help increase the secretion of gastric acid and act as diuretics, another of its benefits is its powerful antioxidant action that reduces cellular aging caused by free radicals and improves cardiovascular function, memory, cognition, concentration and diabetes, its continuous use allows to combat stomach upset, heart palpitations, headaches and muscle pain caused by training or intense physical activity, in addition to reducing the anxiety and nervousness, also helps to facilitate the process of digestion n and assimilation of food. Guarana from MTX Elite Nutrition will make you feel and look good because it eliminates toxins that are generated in the body and accelerates the burning of body fat much faster and without causing side effects.

    What are the characteristics of Guarana from MTX Elite Nutrition ?

    • Made from extracts of the guarana fruit.
    • Increase energy and body fat burning.
    • Supports weight loss and stimulates the nervous system.
    • Improves cardiovascular and digestive health.
    • Antioxidant and diuretic.
    • 100% natural.

    Composition of Guarana from MTX Elite Nutrition

    Guarana from MTX Elite Nutrition is a food supplement that provides energy and stimulates the central nervous system, it comes in a presentation of 60 capsules that are easily digested and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Made with dry extract of guarana seeds.

    Why take the Guarana from MTX Elite Nutrition ?

    Guarana from MTX Elite Nutrition has a powerful antioxidant action, acts as a natural diuretic which facilitates the burning of body fat, in addition, provides energy helping to reduce the levels of physical and mental fatigue, improves the nervous system, cognitive function and memory, its high caffeine content increases strength and muscular endurance, facilitating training or efforts of greater intensity and duration.

    Guarana from MTX Elite Nutrition is indicated to accelerate the metabolism of fats, facilitates weight loss, serves as a nutritional support for people with low moods or who need an extra supply of energy throughout the day.

    Recommended daily dose of Guarana from MTX Elite Nutrition

    • As a food supplement, take 1 capsule.
    • Take with plenty of water.
    • Take 2 times a day, 1 with breakfast and 1 with the main meal.
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