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Glyco Code - 1500 g

Glyco Code from MTX Elite Nutrition is a food supplement that provides an advanced combination of carbohydrates, which are aimed at increasing physical performance. In the same way, it improves glycogen synthesis, which results in a speedy muscle recovery. It contains Cluster Dextrin and Palatinosa.

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    Glyco Code from MTX Elite Nutrition is an incredible source of superior performance and energy renewal. Do not miss out on this wonderful supplement to your physical fitness!

    Glyco Code from MTX Elite Nutrition is a dietary supplement that provides advanced carbohydrates that promote superior performance, more energy and an amazing muscle recovery. It contributes to Cluster Dextrin and Palatinosa formulas.

    Facts of Glyco Code from MTX Elite Nutrition:

    • Increases performance.
    • Encourages muscle recovery.
    • Contains Cluster Dextrin and Palatinosa.

    Composition of Glyco Code from MTX Elite Nutrition:

    Glyco Code from MTX Elite Nutrition comes in a bottle containing 1500 g of food supplement powder.

    Each dose (100 g) provides the following contents:

    • 61.8 g of cluster dextrin, including 49.44 g of cyclodextrins.
    • 30 g of isomaltulose palatinose.
    • 77.82 mg of sodium.
    • 368 kcal of energy.
    • 0.02 g of fat, including 0.01 g of saturated fat.
    • 92 g of carbohydrates.
    • 32.30 g of sugars.
    • 0.05 g of protein.

    Why should you take Glyco Code from MTX Elite Nutrition?

    Glyco Code from MTX Elite Nutrition is a food supplement that will provide you with advanced carbohydrates, which are a wonderful source of energy and superior performance. It contains Cluster Dextrin, a formula obtained from waxy corn that id characterized by its rapid gastric emptying due to its high molecular weight. It has the ability to improve your muscle recovery.

    It also contains Palatinosa that is extracted from sucrose, and that is used to support physical performance. This combination is used to reinforce your vitality during your workouts and also to reach a greater physical endurance.

    You will have an incredible support by taking Glyco Code from MTX Elite Nutrition. Highly-branched cyclic dextrin or dextrin cluster is a carbohydrate that provides a complex structure that also improves the assimilation of other carbohydrates. It has low osmolarity, high molecular weight and can be digested quickly without causing discomfort in the digestive system.

    It provides immediate energies, which act quickly in the body. It is generally consumed during your workouts to regain strength when the first signs of exhaustion begin to be perceived. It is also recommended to take this product immediately after training in order to quickly regain muscle glycogen reserves.

    Palatinosa is also a vital part of the Glyco Code from MTX Elite Nutrition. It is a long-term source of power and ideal for high-intensity and high-endurance workouts. It also has a low glycemic impact on the blood, due to the progressive release of the energy. In addition, it has a high absorption, so it is assimilated mostly in the digestive process. It is also very easy to dissolve in water. Thanks to this composition, you will get an excellent supplement for all kinds of physical activities.

    Recommended daily dose of Glyco Code from MTX Elite Nutrition:

    • Dissolve 2 measures of its dispenser (100 g) in 500 ml of water.
    • Take before, during and after your workouts.
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