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Dtox day - 60 capsules

Dtox Day from MTX Elite Nutrition, are excellent capsules based on top quality ingredients of natural origin that guarantee to improve the function of your organs through an optimal cleaning of your body, completely eliminating those toxins that invade it, producing physical discomfort and reducing the energy you need to respond to your daily activities.

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    MTX Elite Nutrition Dtox Day A wise choice, help your body feel good every day, every day and worry-free!

    Dtox Day from MTX Elite Nutrition, is an extraordinary adjunct to the cleansing processes of the body. The human body by itself discards toxins daily, through the biological function of the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, and lymphatic system, but even so, these are not completely eliminated, it needs a good diet and detoxifiers of high reliability to achieve an unbeatable cleaning Dtox Day is what you need.

    MTX Elite Nutrition Dtox Day Essentials

    • Helps purify your body.
    • Helps release toxin leaving skin soft.
    • Facilitates the well-being of kidneys and liver.
    • Strengthens the biological function of the lungs and the lymphatic system.

    What is in each dose of MTX Elite Nutrition Dtox Day ?

    The MTX Elite Nutrition Dtox Day, are presented in easy-to-swallow capsules, come in a practical and attractive container that can be easily viewed to avoid forgetting it, and if you have to go on a trip, it is ideal to take it anywhere in your bag .

    The active ingredients present are:

    • It has 150 mg of Psyllium husk.
    • It has 36 mg of Calcium as carbonate.
    • It has 2000 mg of Cranberry Extract.
    • It has 50 mg of Inulin.
    • It has 25 mg of Glucomannan.
    • It has 20 mg of Vitamin C.
    • It has 1000 mg of Aloe Vera.
    • It has 50 mg of Anise Seed Extract.
    • It has 50 mg of Fennel.
    • It has 50 mg of Rhubarb Root.
    • Contains 50 mg of Rhubarb Licorice Root Extract.
    • It has 50 mg of sea buckthorn.
    • Contains 20 mg of Gentian Root Extract.

    Why take the MTX Elite Nutrition Dtox Day ?

    MTX Elite Nutrition is a brand that transmits confidence due to its wide and outstanding presence in the market, satisfying the needs of the client by offering service and quality, hence it places Dtox Day at our disposal, an excellent toxin remover that provides you with a cleansing of those substances that the body no longer needs and that hinder the proper functioning of the body causing fatigue, with Dtox Day you will be able to restore vigor to your body and feel good all day.

    The MTX Elite Nutrition Dtox Day are powerful capsules, ideal for those people who have suffered physical exhaustion and need to renew their strength and have been recommended to cleanse their body, the best for this is Dtox Day, which It can be used by professionals, athletes, housewives, young people and adults, without any risk.

    Recommended daily dose of MTX Elite Nutrition's Dtox Day

    • The recommended dose is 2 capsules daily
    • You can accompany it with fruit juice or water if you prefer.
    • We suggest that it be first thing in the morning before breakfast.
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