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Cr picolinate - 60 capsules

Cr Picolinate from MTX Elite Nutrition is a supplement made with chromium picolinate, which offers a range of health benefits especially to athletes. Among its properties are its ability to help in muscle definition, aid in weight loss and body fat, among other benefits that you will find in Cr Picolinate from MTX Elite Nutrition.

      Cr Picolinate from MTX Elite Nutrition, the safest and most effective way to provide your body with the mineral chromium and take advantage of its benefits.

      The human body needs a wide variety of minerals that make its optimal functioning possible, helping to maintain good health. There are some minerals that can be produced in the body naturally and by different processes, however, there are other necessary minerals that the human body cannot synthesize, and a diet that can provide these nutrients is necessary. Chromium is one of these important and essential minerals for the body but that it cannot produce on its own, and this is where Cr Picolinate from MTX Elite Nutrition is necessary, an extraordinary supplement capable of providing the mineral chromium in the form of picolinate. . Chromium picolinate has the ability to be better absorbed by the body and also maximizes the natural properties of chromium, such as regulating low sugar levels, reducing cholesterol and triglycerides, among other properties.

      MTX Elite Nutrition Cr Picolinate Essentials

      • It is an effective and natural supplement
      • Provides excellent amounts of chromium
      • Ideal for treating hypoglycemia
      • Helps regulate triglyceride and cholesterol levels
      • Promotes the effective burning of body fat
      • Helps control and weight loss
      • Improves the performance and nutrition of the muscles
      • Promotes better insulin management
      • It helps with blood circulation
      • It is ideal against obesity
      • Helps in the muscle definition phase
      • Promotes the increase of muscle mass
      • It is very easy to take and dose
      • It is an excellent quality complement
      • Dramatically improves body composition
      • Improves protein production for muscles
      • Improves good cholesterol levels
      • It is absorbed much more easily

      Composition of Cr Picolinate from MTX Elite Nutrition

      The Cr Picolinate supplement from MTX Elite Nutrition is made in a capsule format that facilitates its intake and dosage and is also the most effective way to get its content to the body so that it is better absorbed than with other presentations.

      This supplement is composed of chromium in the form of picolinate, since it is a more effective one when it comes to being absorbed into the body and taking advantage of its benefits.

      Why take Cr Picolinate from MTX Elite Nutrition ?

      Chromium Picolinate Cr Picolinate from MTX Elite Nutrition is the ideal supplement to improve your health in different aspects; Since, on the one hand, it improves fat burning and regulates sugar levels, it is also capable of promoting weight loss, cardiovascular health, and muscle function.

      Cr Picolinate from MTX Elite Nutrition is indicated for people who have a chromium deficiency. Ideal for overweight people.

      Recommended daily dose of Cr Picolinate from MTX Elite Nutrition

      • As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 2 capsules per day
      • Take preferably with meals
      • Take the dose with a glass of water
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