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ZMA - 120 capsules

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ZMA from MM Supplements is a food supplement made up of a high-quality base of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. Ideal for promoting increased testosterone levels and encouraging muscle development.

    • What do you take it for?
      What do you take it for?
      Increase Testosterone level
    • How is it taken?
      How is it taken?
      Capsule / s with a glass of water
    • Size per dose
      Size per dose
      From one to two services
    • How many times?
      How many times?
      Once a day
    • When should it be taken?
      When should it be taken?
      Before going to bed
    • Usos
      Gain muscle mass

    MM Supplements

    ZMA from MM Supplements

    • It is a food supplement made up of the union of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, in a capsule format that is easy to ingest and assimilate.

    What is ZMA from MM Supplements taken for?

    • Ideal to encourage the increase in testosterone levels.
    • Helps promote muscle development and optimize physical strength.

    Why buy ZMA ?

    • Provides an optimal and advanced dose of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, easy to assimilate and completely absorbed.
    • Suitable to be consumed by athletes, athletes and active people who seek to improve the results of their training routine.
    • It comes in an easy-to-administer capsule format.

    How is ZMA taken?

    • Consume 1 capsule daily.
    • Take preferably with breakfast.

    Customer reviews: ZMA - 120 capsules

    39 Reviews
    5 stars
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    Good product
    Genial producto para tomar a la noche, ya que el Zinc y el Magnesio puede ser un pequeño precursor de aumentar la testosterona en el cuerpo
    Very effective for recovery and rest. The best thing is its reasonable price, which makes it a great option for those who want to try it.
    My rest has improved a lot since taking this ZMA product, waking up much more recovered, with better spirits and, consequently, better workouts!
    My rest has improved a lot since taking this ZMA product, waking up much more recovered, with better spirits and, consequently, better workouts!
    Very good ZMA, well balanced and with good composition, I like these products with these details.
    Formula that really works and at a very affordable price compared to other testosterone boosters.
    I notice a better recovery and, above all, how I get a much deeper sleep. Good product.
    It is more than vital to take the zma since since I have been taking it I have to admit that one I sleep better and two I feel well
    It is more than vital to take the zma since since I have been taking it I have to admit that one I sleep better and two I feel well
    What a good result this great ZMA supplement for more muscle is giving me. Of course, all the products are of the highest quality.
    I usually include ZMA throughout the year as a precursor to testosterone and this brand works very well for value for money
    Since I've been taking them, I've seen an improvement in my muscles and recovery. I started taking them due to libido problems.
    The truth is that since I take it I feel the difference during and outside of training.
    more than essential to take zma and more than more muscle that is of a very high quality as always more muscle doing things very well
    Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 go very well to help recovery and rest better, highly recommended
    Good product of the mm fit brand, it fulfills its functions very well and the price is very acceptable
    I notice a better recovery during the night and I wake up much better. The product is quite cheap for how effective it is.
    Great product, very happy with this purchase, you have a hell of a price, keep up the good work.
    Questions and answers
    Como se toma cuando estás entrenando?
    2021-10-27 10:20:01 Inés
    hola ines la toma mas efectiva es en el desayuno o antes de acostarte,gracias
    2021-10-27 10:24:59 SALVA VALENCIA
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    Buenas!!! La dosis de solo una capsula diaria es correcto???? Es que una capsula solo contiene 28mg de magnesio. En el ZMA de amix la dosis diaria son 450mg de magnesio, que son 15 veces mas de dosis. I en el ZMA de optimum nutrition la dosis diaria son 150mg de magnesio, que son 5 veces mas. Es correto que el ZMA de MM suplements la dosis diaria es solo de 28mg ?????? Saludos.
    2021-08-06 18:11:56 Ivan
    Hola Ivan, ha habido varias personas que han planteado preguntas parecidas con respecto a este producto y ya se han trasladado al departamento correspondiente. En un par de semanas, si eres tan amable, llama al departamento de atención al cliente 910 60 96 55 , opción 1 y seguro que ya estamos en disposición de dar alguna respuesta satisfactoria. Gracias por confiar en Más Musculo Iván.
    2021-08-07 10:55:47 CRISTOBAL
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    Lleva un 0.12 mg de Zinc?? o hay algún error porque es muy pobre la cantidad
    2021-07-17 23:50:30 Hasan
    Pues probablemente pueda ser un error porque es muy poca cantidad de zinc por cápsula.
    2021-07-19 13:45:56 CRISTOBAL
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    Se puede tomar juntos por la noche antes de acostarse zma y arginina. Gracias
    2019-12-30 13:20:49 Agustin
    Hola se pueden tomar juntos sin problema. Un saludo
    2019-12-31 10:48:17 Jose
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    Este ZMA se puede combinar con TESTO BOOSTER? o sería demasiada testosterona
    2018-08-29 15:43:31 marcos
    Hola no hay problema son ingredientes distintos por lo que sería hasta mejor para mejorar la recuperación y crecimiento muscular. Un saludo
    2018-08-30 10:05:46 Beltran
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