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Pack Whey Protein80 - 2 Kg + Creatine - 150g

Whey Protein80 from MASmusculo Supplements is a food supplement based on ultrafiltered whey protein, also enriched with whey isolate, from the best raw material Lacprodan® from Arla Foods, which provides more than 22 grams of protein per serving. Thanks to its low-temperature processing, it ensures that the product contains the greatest amount of its nutritional qualities, intact.

    Pack content
    Whey Protein80 pack of 2 kg by MM Supplements
    1 x Whey Protein80 - 2 Kg
    Creatine micronized pack of 150g of the manufacturer MASmusculo Fit Line supplement of monohydrate creatine
    1 x Creatine micronized - 150g
    €2.42 - 51.5%
    • What do you take it for?
      What do you take it for?
      Recovery and muscle growth
    • How is it taken?
      How is it taken?
      With water or milk
    • Size per dose
      Size per dose
      A service of 30g
    • How many times?
      How many times?
      Once or twice a day
    • When should it be taken?
      When should it be taken?
      After training and between meals

    MM Supplements

    Whey Protein80 from MM Supplements

    Whey Protein80 from MM Supplements is a whey protein that will improve your physical capacity during training.

    22g PROTEIN
    7.4g BCAA's

    Whey Protein 80 from MM Supplements, is the future of whey concentrate, thanks to the best raw material Lacprodan® . The formula manages to go one step further and has been enriched with whey isolate, achieving a purity and a quality that other whey proteins do not achieve. Its manufacturing process has been carried out based on ultrafiltration at the lowest possible temperature, in order to achieve the least degree of deterioration of the biological value of the protein, thus ensuring that the nutritional qualities of Whey Protein 80 remain intact. , after its extraction. Thanks to this it has a complete aminogram and also has excellent bioavailability.

    It also contains DigeZyme, an enzyme complex that allows the total assimilation of its nutrients with easy and rapid digestion, without stomach discomfort like the proteins of other brands. Also enjoy the pleasure of having a good protein shake, with the best flavor, thanks to the incredible flavors obtained thanks to Splenda , which is the best natural sweetener.

    Discover the delicious flavors of Whey Protein 80

    Whey Protein 80 from MASmusculo Supplements is currently the protein formula with the best quality/price on the market , and it is also a real pleasure to take it with its delicious flavors!

    • Flavor Whey Cappuccino MM80 from MASmusculo Cappuccino
    • Milk Chocolate Shake Flavor MM80 from MASmusculo Milk chocolate
    • Whey Choco Surprise MM80 flavor from MASmusculo Chocolate egg
    • Whey Strawberry Banana Flavor MM80 from MASmusculo Strawberry and Banana
    • Strawberry Whey flavor MM80 from MASmusculo Strawberry
    • Whey flavor Lemon cake MM80 from MASmusculo Lemon cake
    • White Chocolate Whey Flavor MilkyWhey MM80 from MASmusculo White Chocolate with Milk MilkyWhey
    • Whey Vanilla Custard Flavor MM80 from MASmusculo Vanilla custard

    Main characteristics of Whey Protein80 from MM Supplements

    • Made with top quality Lacprodan® raw material from Arla Foods.
    • Includes Digezyme digestive enzyme complex.
    • It has been sweetened with Splenda.
    lacprodan protein logo
    Lacprodan® protein from Arla Foods, the best raw material.
    DigeZyme®, a versatile multi-enzyme complex.
    Splenda Logo
    Splenda®: No Calorie Sweetener and Sugar Substitute
    Creatine quality MM Supplement
    Manufactured following the best quality standards.

    Ingredients and format of Whey Protein80 from MM Supplements

    Whey Protein80 from MASmusculo Supplements is presented in 2 different formats: a 2kg container in a can and a 500g format in a practical zip-lock bag for easy transport and storage.

    Each 30g service, as an average value among all the flavours, offers the following specifications:

    • It provides 120 kcal.
    • 2.1 g in fat, of which 1g is saturated.
    • 2.5g of carbohydrates, of which 2.4g sugars.
    • 22g of protein
    • And 0.1g of salt.

    *These values may vary with the chosen flavor.

    Recommended daily dose of Whey Protein80

    • Mix 30g (1 service of your measurer) in 250 or 300 ml of water or skimmed milk.
    • Consume up to 2 times per day, after training or as a meal replacement, according to nutritional needs or according to the instructions of a professional.
    Questions and answers
    Tengo una pregunta… en el bote de proteína viene un cazo que marca hasta 90, que son 90 gramos? O una dosis sería el cazo entero?
    2023-03-09 05:41:21 Pedro
    Hola Pedro, gracias por tu pregunta. El cazo que viene con el Pack Whey Protein80 - 2 Kg + Creatina - 150g contiene 30 gramos de proteína. Puedes verificarlo pesando el cazo y confirmar que es una dosis completa. ¡Espero que esto te ayude!
    2023-03-09 10:09:06 Rafael
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