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Whey Protein80 - 2 Kg

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Whey Protein80 from MM Supplements is a food supplement made with the best Lactomin raw material and enriched with whey. It has been created to improve the sports goals of bodybuilding athletes or various physical disciplines.

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    • What do you take it for?
      What do you take it for?
      Recovery and muscle growth
    • How is it taken?
      How is it taken?
      With water or milk
    • Size per dose
      Size per dose
      One service
    • How many times?
      How many times?
      Once or twice a day
    • When should it be taken?
      When should it be taken?
      In the morning and / or after training On an empty stomach and after training
    • Usos
      Gain muscle mass Recovery

    MM Supplements

    Whey Protein80 from MM Supplements

    Whey Protein80 from MM Supplements is a whey protein that will improve your physical capacity during training.

    22g PROTEIN
    7.4g BCAA's

    Whey Protein 80 from MM Supplements, is the future of whey concentrate, thanks to the best raw material Lactomin. The formula manages to go one step further and has been enriched with whey isolate, achieving a purity and quality that other whey proteins do not achieve. Its manufacturing process has been carried out based on ultrafiltration at the lowest possible temperature, in order to achieve the least degree of deterioration of the biological value of the protein, which is why the nutritional qualities of Whey Protein 80 remain intact. , after its extraction. Thanks to this it has a complete aminogram and also has excellent bioavailability.

    It also contains DigeZyme, an enzyme complex that allows the total assimilation of its nutrients. In addition to this, it comes in delicious flavors, made dietary with Splenda, which is the best natural sweetener.

    Main characteristics of Whey Protein80 from MM Supplements

    • Made with top quality Lactomin raw material.
    • Includes the Digezyme complex.
    • It has been sweetened with Splenda.
    Carbery Protein Logo
    Lactomin® protein, an optimal quality protein.
    DigeZyme®, a versatile multi-enzyme complex.
    Splenda®: No Calorie Sweetener and Sugar Substitute
    Creatine quality MM Supplement
    Manufactured with the best quality standards

    Ingredients and format of Whey Protein80 from MM Supplements

    Whet Protein80 from MM Supplements comes in different formats: 2kg container and 500g bag

    Each dose of 30 g of intense Chocolate flavor complement offers the following specifications:

    • It has 113 kcal.
    • It provides 1.7 g of fat, including 1 g of saturated fatty acids.
    • Contributes 3.3 g carbohydrates including 2.6 g sugars.
    • 21g protein
    • It has 0.18 g of salt.

    These values may vary with the add-on flavor chosen.

    Recommended daily dose of Whey Protein80

    • Dissolve 30 g (1 serving of your measurer) in 250 or 300 ml of water or skimmed milk.
    • Consume up to 2 servings per day, after training or as a meal replacement, based on nutritional needs or as directed by a professional.

    Discover the delicious flavors of Whey Protein 80

    Whey Protein 80 from MM Supplements is currently the protein formula with the best quality/price on the market , and it is also a real pleasure to drink with its delicious flavors!

    • Whey American Donuts MM80 flavor by MASmusculo American Donuts
    • Strawberry Shake Flavor MM80 by MASmusculo Strawberry milkshake
    • Whey Black Cookies MM80 flavor by MASmusculo Black Cookies
    • Whey Yogurt Lemon Flavor MM80 by MASmusculo Rocher Chocolate
    • Belgian Chocolate Whey Flavor MM80 by MASmusculo Belgian chocolate
    • White Chocolate Whey Flavor with MM80 Biscuit by MASmusculo White Chocolate with Biscuit
    • Whey White Chocolate and Red Fruits Flavor MM80 by MASmusculo White Chocolate and Red Fruits
    • Intense Chocolate Whey Flavor MM80 by MASmusculo Intense Chocolate
    • Whey flavor Cookies with peanut butter MM80 by MASmusculo Cookies with peanut butter
    • Vanilla Ice Cream Whey Flavor MM80 by MASmusculo Vanilla ice cream
    • Whey Mocha Cappuccino Flavor MM80 by MASmusculo Mocha Cappuccino
    • Whey Pineapple Coconut Flavor MM80 by MASmusculo Pineapple coconut
    • Flavor Whey Cheesecake and Strawberry MM80 by MASmusculo Strawberry Cheesecake
    • Whey Yogurt Lemon Flavor MM80 by MASmusculo Lemon Yogurt

    Customer reviews: Whey Protein80 - 2 Kg

    35 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    Nice capuccino taste and mixes easily. Very clean on the shaker
    I recommend this protein to everyone who wants good results without spending so much money
    the quality is great. It would be better if it tastes sweeter for me.
    Very good flavour. Gets better with milk.
    Excellent protein. I've been taking it for years and since I'm not very satisfied with the results, they keep bringing out new flavors.
    super good option, one of the best options for whey protein in relation to value for money, excellent
    one of the best whey protein concentrates and without a doubt more muscle is the best!
    With the general price rise that we are having lately, it seems to me one of the best options
    The new white chocolate cookie flavor beats that of black cookies, which was my favorite so far. Good quality of protein and reasonable price.
    Good whey protein and at an economical price, all the flavors quite good and also good in terms of digestion, we will continue with it.
    I love this protein with cookies flavor, I have been consuming it for several months and price quality is the best.
    The new white chocolate flavor is amazing, for me it becomes the top one from now on, tremendous!
    A wonder of protein. It is one of the few concentrates that feel good to me, light and without any discomfort after taking it. The quality of the raw material is noted.
    the best-selling whey protein and the one that best recovers me at a muscular level, very happy with more muscle
    The black cookies flavor seems really successful to me, I did not expect the base to be chocolate and the surprise was positive, a 10.
    I have not been very excited about the new flavor of "vanilla ice cream", I think it is one of the weakest of the entire range. However, it is still my favorite protein thanks to its excellent value for money.
    I have not been very excited about the new flavor of "vanilla ice cream", I think it is one of the weakest of the entire range. However, it is still my favorite protein thanks to its excellent value for money.
    I bought it on the recommendation of the chat and I have to say that it is the best thing I have bought lately: it is digested wonderfully, the raw material is good and the taste is great (Belgian choco).
    Chocolate egg is incredible, it is probably the most successful flavor of your brand, and that the bar was high with Belgian chocolate.
    Questions and answers
    Hola. He visto que en el bote de wuey (chocolate blanco y galletas) lleva en sus ingredientes grasa de palma, entre otros, en la descripción de la página no aparecía y estoy decepcionado, ¿esto pasaría solo en este sabor, o es un ingrediente que llevan todos los sabores?
    2022-11-20 13:46:29 Jua
    Add a response
    Hola. No entiendo como puede haber en stock solo 5 sabores de 14 posibles!! Llevo 15 años comprando con vosotros y esto antes nunca pasaba. Y esto era una de las grandes cualidades de másmusculo, su gran oferta y disponibilidad de productos. Estoy bastante descontento y esto hará que pruebe en otras webs o tiendas.
    2022-08-25 23:39:48 Jaime Sánchez
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    Hola dispone de aminograma esta proteina? En caso que sí, qué cantidad de leucina hay por cada 100 gramos? Gracias
    2022-05-20 14:05:38 David Millas
    Add a response
    Habeis descatalogado el sabor Strawberry Cheese Cake? Volvera a estar disponible?
    2022-04-02 07:28:16 Antonio
    hola antonio el sabor no esta descatalogado en breve reponemos el stock de este sabor en concreto ponga la alerta en su ficha de la web y en cuanto este disponible le avisamos,gracias y un saludo
    2022-04-02 11:10:32 SALVA VALENCIA
    Add a response
    Hola, me acabas de contestar, q la proteína whey protein 80, no tiene proteína iso, miro el bote, y pq como segundo ingrediente aparece AISLADO DE PROTEÍNA DE SUERO DE LECHE ISOLAC, y me gustaría saber q porcentaje tiene de iso, o es un error de etiqueta
    2022-03-23 15:08:04 Rafa
    Hola Rafa No es un error de etiqueta, lo que lees respecto Isolac es la patente, no tiene porcentaje de isolada como tal pues no es una isolada aunque esté microfiltrada cuyo proceso ya le da calidad a la proteina. Te recomendamos que si quieres una proteina isolada escojas la Isolate90 o la CFM ISO ZERO pues son proteinas de calidad superior a la Whey Espero haberte resuelto la duda Saludos
    2022-03-23 17:07:42 Masmusculo
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