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Tensi sartan - 60 capsules

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Tensi Sartan from MASmusculo Supplements is a food supplement to control blood pressure naturally.

      MM Supplements

      Tensi Sartan by MM Supplements

      • It is a food supplement made from ingredients such as bergamot, astragalus, coenzyme Q10, the Pycnogenol® formula and vitamins E and D.

      What is Tensi Sartan from MM Supplements taken for?

      • It is consumed to promote healthy blood pressure and prevent problems associated with its variants such as hypertension, which often appear in the practice of bodybuilding.
      • Improves heart health.
      • Powerful antioxidant action.
      • Strengthens the immune system.

      Why buy Tensi Sartan ?

      In recent years, one of the main concerns of bodybuilding competitors and coaches has been the exhaustive control of basic health parameters, undoubtedly one of the greatest risk factors in the population in general and especially in the world. of bodybuilding is the so-called "silent killer" that is hypertension and its associated problems, that's why at MASmusculo Supplements we launched TENSI SARTAN, a mixture of different substances, all of them with proven efficacy and proven benefits. Such as astragalus or pycogenol with multiple supports behind them that also improve their action by working in synergy,

      • It includes the Pycnogenol® formula that is of high quality.
      • Contains astragalus and pycnogenol which are multi-supported and work synergistically.
      • It has Ubiquinol whose efficacy in heart problems has been demonstrated.
      • It provides vitamins E and D3 that are often deficient in the current diet and that are essential for the functioning of the body.
      • It is a revolutionary supplement that MASmusculo Supplements has created to help in an important aspect of health.
      • It has been made with top quality ingredients of proven efficacy, whose benefits have been demonstrated.


      • Also called Citrus bergamia, it is a citrus fruit native to Italy.
      • Its essential oils from its peel and the extract from its juice are used to make medicines.
      • Due to its active components it is frequently used in aromatherapy.
      • It is often used as a natural remedy against anxiety and to control alertness.


      • It is also known as huang qi or milk pea.
      • Its essence is used in natural medicine.
      • It is used in cold, fibromyalgia and heart disease.
      • It is also taken to control blood pressure.

      Coenzyme Q10

      • It is a vitamin present in the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas.
      • It is stored in the mitochondria of cells
      • It is used in treatments for heart problems.
      • It has an antioxidant effect.


      • It is an antioxidant extracted from the bark of the maritime pine tree.
      • It is used to treat asthma, allergies, and hay fever, among others.
      • Its effects on blood pressure have been studied and proven.
      • It also helps in heart conditions.

      Vitamin E

      • It is a soluble vitamin present in vegetable oils, cereals, red and white meats, eggs and fruits,
      • It has an important antioxidant action.
      • It is vital for many functions in the body.
      • It is useful to prevent heart problems.

      Vitamin D

      • It consists of a soluble vitamin present in the human body.
      • Helps in the assimilation of calcium and phosphorus.
      • It has research on its role in the prevention of health problems.
      • It is used to promote heart health.

      How is Tensi Sartan taken?

      • Take 2 capsules a day with plenty of water.

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      Customer reviews: Tensi sartan - 60 capsules

      7 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      It is a supplement that not only people use in preparation, naturals also use it and it shows
      Very good product, I use it sporadically during the year and it fulfills its function very well
      If you are one of those who suffer from tension, then it is your ideal supplement and even more so if it is more muscular
      The formulation seems to be of high quality and coming from Sergio I have no doubt that it will be a top product.
      It has worked very well for my boyfriend in his preparation, essential when there are separate drugs
      Looking at the formula that the product carries, it seems to be of good quality to regulate tension. I'm already trying it to see how it goes
      It has already arrived, I really wanted a product like this, I think it will be essential in my preparation.
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