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Synephrine - 100 capsules

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Synephrine from MASmusculo Supplements is a food supplement in capsules that provides synephrine. Promotes fat burning and boost performance in athletes or very active people. You have an unbeatable stimulating effect!

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      Synephrine from MASmusculo Supplements

      • It is a food supplement made with bitter orange extract, which provides synephrine.
      • Synephrine is the active component of Citrus Aurantium, which is known as Bitter Orange .
      • It is a stimulant of natural origin.

      What is Synephrine from MASmusculo Supplements taken for ?

      • stimulating effect.
      • Synephrine helps burn excess fat in the body through a thermogenic effect.
      • As a consequence, this increases physical performance during training.
      • Perfect food supplement to use as a pre-workout.

      Why buy Synephrine ?

      • It comes in easy-to-assimilate capsules.
      • It has been made with high quality active ingredients.
      • It lacks genetically modified organisms (Non-GMO).

      How is Synephrine taken?

      • Take 1 capsule a day with a glass of water

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      Customer reviews: Synephrine - 100 capsules

      17 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      Product that you have produced, the truth is that this synephrine is luxurious, a month with it and I have lost 5 kilos, with a good diet, I notice it in the % of fat a lot.
      It provides a more than remarkable extra in fat loss and without altering the least, a key product from now on.
      About time you pulled out a synephrine. At first, the amount per capsule is very good and I have no doubts about the quality of the formulation.
      Good stimulator of beta-adrenergic receptors, so you burn more fat and it doesn't upset you, at least for me
      Improved energy for before training without having to resort to an excess of stimulants.
      My favorite thermogenic combined with caffeine. For a good definition I do not need more than this with a good caloric deficit
      Very good product, the articles found on the website convey confidence in the product, I'm doing well
      I use it as a pre-training before swimming and running, it gives energy without the need for stimulants.
      I take it together with caffeine and it gives me that extra energy to train even on an empty stomach as I usually do.
      Synephrine is my favorite thermogenic combined with caffeine and EGCG for a good weight loss is enough
      Very happy with the results, I have been taking it since it came out and the loss of fat and improvement in muscle tone is very considerable.
      very good product the truth shows and I recommend it works and is not expensive which is appreciated iitrd
      It doesn't fail, it's my favorite thermogenic combined with caffeine and ECGC, thermogenesis goes up that's nice, recommended
      Good supplement, I started taking it on the recommendation of a friend and so far it seems to be doing well
      Good supplement, I bought it a month ago and it has been giving me good results I needed some energy but without caffeine and it has been great
      Good supplement, the truth is that at the level of energy and body composition it is quite noticeable as the weeks go by.
      One of the best proteins I have taken. Fast and effective on your part and top price, I give it a 10
      Questions and answers
      Qué sería más efectivo antes del entreno, un par de cápsulas de sinefrina, o una de sinefrina y otra de carnitina? Gracias por anticipado.
      2022-09-05 17:38:12 Javier
      Hola Javier, yo te recomendaría una cápsula de Sinefrina más la carnitina porque en 1 cápsula ya tienes toda la dosis, no se necesitan 2 de sinefrina. Saludos
      2022-09-05 17:44:12 Jose Antonio
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      Hola ! Cuando es el mejor momento del día para tomar la sinefrina !? He leído varias opciones o en ayunas o antes del ejercicio. También estoy tomando l-carnitina ! Cuál sería la mejor manera de tomar ambos? Gracias
      2022-08-03 20:10:10 Paula
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      Hola se puede tomar los días que no se entrena o no es conveniente? Me refiero si hace algo de efecto tomándolo los días de descanso también
      2022-07-01 23:33:34 Antonio Miguel
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      Estoy tomando sinefrina d más músculos se puede tomar 2 Cápsulas al día es x lo poco q trae d sinefrina.... Gracias
      2022-06-28 22:42:19 Juan
      Buenos días,dosis de 50 mg de sinefrina son eficaces para mejorar el rendimiento deportivo así que puedes tomar dos capsulas antes del entrenamiento.
      2022-06-29 10:12:00 Joan
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      Es efectiva también si realizas deporte de alta intensidad?
      2022-06-19 13:23:04 Carlota
      Hola Carlota Si, vale para cualquier modalidad deportiva Saludos
      2022-06-20 10:11:04 Masmusculo
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